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Lisa Montgomery
02/18 01:43 PM,
What happens when home automation systems go beyond simply turning off lights and managing music? Here are 10 creative automation setups you can have in your own home.

Rachel Cericola
02/17 10:09 AM,
Total Connect 2.0 now offers remote services for users with the iPad and iPad mini.

Lisa Montgomery
02/14 01:57 PM,
Integration of high-end player one of many unique twists in Crestron automated, luxury Miami Beach condo.

Rachel Cericola
02/12 07:41 AM,
For the high-tech romantic, gooey chocolates just won’t do.

Lisa Montgomery
02/11 11:59 AM,
Using technology to create a romantic setting at home.

Lisa Montgomery
02/06 01:36 PM,
An 85-inch display arrives by helicopter, while much smaller iPhone screen runs the 8,000-square-foot apartment.

Rachel Cericola
01/22 11:46 AM,
The new mounts and charging solutions start at under $100.

Lisa Montgomery
01/20 02:13 PM,
Elan g! automation system gives homeowner a small dose of technology with opportunities for more.

Lisa Montgomery
01/17 10:35 AM,
Manage the health of your pet through a smartphone-controllable feeding system.

EH Staff
01/16 03:47 PM,
Winners were chosen in several popular categories including home theater, home control, lighting, energy management

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