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8 Myths About 3D
We debunk some old and modern misconceptions about 3D.
Breaking Down 3D Formats
DPI explains the three categories of 3D: Low Tech, Mid Tech and High Tech.
HDMI 1.4a Spec Addresses Broadcast 3D
The new version adds a 'Top-and-Bottom' spec for the 3D format of broadcast content.
3D: Getting to Know the Glasses
Here's a closer look at the technologies behind the notorious eye wear needed to enjoy 3D experiences.
3D: Getting to Know the Hardware
Taking the plunge into 3D home entertainment? Here are some components you'll need to know about.
3D: Getting to Know the Basics
Here is the first of our weekly series covering the burgeoning 3D technology, beginning with the basics.
Grant Clauser
09/09 01:01 PM,
The VPL-VW500ES is a follow up to Sony’s original $25,000 4K projector.

Grant Clauser
08/27 07:07 AM,
New Epson home theater projector includes MHP for smartphones and other devices.

Grant Clauser
08/14 03:05 PM,
As the market for Ultra HD TVs heats up, home theater enthusiasts look for 4K projectors.

EH Staff
07/25 10:54 AM,
New JVC smart TVs include QWERTY keyboard for navigating built-in online apps.

Rachel Cericola
07/01 09:20 AM,
The new Wireless Extender uses 60GHz technology to transmit HD and 3D signals.

EH Staff
06/13 08:51 AM,
The latest eye-popping option is available now for under $4K.

Arlen Schweiger
06/12 10:37 AM,
Sports in 3D on TV was not a game-changer.
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Grant Clauser
05/31 11:34 AM,
IMAX is launching a program for offering personal, in-home IMAX theaters.

Grant Clauser
05/17 02:26 PM,
Should TV manufacturers offer dumbed-down TVs that focus on image quality rather than apps?

Robert Archer
05/15 06:19 AM,
Processors allow for dual projectors to produce 3D images.

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