Smart home products and systems include high-end custom home automation as well as DIY home automation products like wireless lighting controllers and smart door locks. Smart home systems make your life easier by integrating common features of your home under one control interface, commonly via an in-wall touchscreen or smart phone app. With a smart home automation system, you can monitor your home’s security, operate the lights, locks, whole-house music and motorized shades, and receive automated alerts when someone enters your house.

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Latest Smart Home Products at CEDIA Exude Style

Lisa Montgomery

2015 was a banner year for great smart home product introductions, many of which were showcased recently at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) conference and trade show in Dallas. The Electronic House editors hit the venue in search of some of the brightest, most innovative devices available today … and in keeping

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How to Integrate Subsystems With a Home Automation System

home automation

On its own, a home automation system has the dexterity to juggle a variety of different tasks. Meticulously engineered and designed by the manufacturer and installed by a home systems integrator, it’s able to dim and brighten light fixtures, adjust the settings of thermostats, provide status reports of household electricity usage, and choreograph the operation

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Whirlpool Uses WiFi to Tap into Water Treatment Systems

Rachel Cericola
Smart Home: Whirlpool 46,000-Grain Water Softener

The smart home isn’t limited to lighting, thermostats, AV, and security cameras. We’re starting to see a variety of smart systems leak into other areas of the home—specifically to monitor potentially leaky appliances.

There are a slew of water leak sensors that can keep tabs on items so you won’t have to deal with costly water damage.

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The Complete Guide to DIY Smart Home Systems

EH Staff

SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY is the fastest growing area of technology today, but it’s taken the longest to get noticed. Home automation and smart home products have been around for more than 20 years, yet for most people, the trend first started being noticeable only in the last couple of years. There are a few reasons

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BTX May Introduce Motorized Shades That Use Bluetooth

Obay Bluetooth mesh networking

BTX is back in the home-technology channel, with a wide assortment of motorized window coverings in various price ranges … plus an industry-first Bluetooth mesh-enabled smart-home system that includes motorized shades.

About 10 years ago, BTX Window Automation was a major presence in the custom channel with its high-end motorized window coverings that integrated with popular

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A Peek at URC’s New Lighting, Remotes & Networking Products

URC MX-990 Remote Control

It was funny that in the CEDIA Expo website, URC is still listed as “Universal Remote Control,” but anyone who sauntered into its booth knows the company is much more than just the leading remote control manufacturer.

Proof positive was an array of new products debuting at the show, including new lighting control keypads and dimmers,

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