Smart home products and systems include high-end custom home automation as well as DIY home automation products like wireless lighting controllers and smart door locks. Smart home systems make your life easier by integrating common features of your home under one control interface, commonly via an in-wall touchscreen or smart phone app. With a smart home automation system, you can monitor your home’s security, operate the lights, locks, whole-house music and motorized shades, and receive automated alerts when someone enters your house.

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Logitech Adds ZigBee and Z-Wave Control to the Harmony Hub

Rachel Cericola
Harmony Hub Extender for Smart Home Devices

Recently, we were praising the Logitech Harmony Elite as a controller that’s pretty perfect for the Electronic House. That said, it is sort of limited in the number of smart home systems it can control.

Of course, the Harmony Elite can control an unlimited number of smart home systems and devices, but the list of what’s

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A Gadget Lover’s Domain

Lisa Montgomery

“Yes, I’m a gadget guy,” admits Marc Pinto. His home in Castle Rock, CO, is a testament to his obsession with all things electronic. In his family room, Marc proudly shows off a huge world map peppered with pinpricks of light. The dots are actually the ends of fiber optic cabling that Marc has poked

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Maui-Wowee! This Hawaiian Paradise Packs a Smart Home Punch

Eco High Fidelity home automation system

By Tommy Kissell Jr., owner of Eco High Fidelity

Hawaii just celebrated a milestone in their statehood, and there is not another in the union that better represents the concept of collaboration and togetherness. There is nothing on earth like the island of Maui. If you have been, you know. The sunrise at the crater, the

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Hidden Audio, Video and Automation in Hoboken

Neighbor envy apparently is a potent driver for custom audio/video systems. That’s a good thing. This project in Hoboken NJ got started when the owner saw the Serious Audio Video truck parked outside as technicians were busy installing a system down the street.

A conversation started, one thing led to another, and pretty soon

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Cujo Attacks Smart Home Malware, Viruses and More

Rachel Cericola
Cujo protects smart home systems

So many of today’s smart home systems are connected to the web. This is a wonderful thing, but you may often worry about what’s safeguarding that equipment from getting hacked. That thing could be Cujo.

This Cujo isn’t a Stephen King creation; it’s a small device that promises to protect smart home systems from malware, viruses,

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Great DIY Home Automation Ideas for Beginners

DIY home automation ideas

Smart home systems, or home automation systems, once were expensive luxuries (and professionally installed and custom programed systems still can be), but today many DIY home automation products are actually very practical and reasonably affordable.

If you hadn’t thought much about adding smart home devices to your home, here are seven home automation ideas for

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Genie Grants High-Tech Wishes with Aladdin Connect Controller

Rachel Cericola
Smart Houses: Genie Aladdin Connect

A lot of smart houses have smart security products strategically placed all over the house. However, the garage always seems like an afterthought.

After all, this is where you store dirty cars, old paint cans, and Christmas decorations. It also has the door that you’re most likely to leave wide open. Instead of worrying about whether

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High-end Audio Cascades in New York’s Waterfall Mansion

The tug of war between design and performance is no more pronounced than in the world of high-performance audio. However, the stereotype of the stereo—a set of oversized black boxes and nest of boa-constrictor cables, is only a stereotype, at least when implemented by a design-minded dealer and installer.

Dave Lalin, owner of the high-end electronics

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Hands-On Review: Logitech Harmony Elite Remote

Rachel Cericola
Logitech Harmony Elite

The Logitech Harmony has always been the kind of remote you wouldn’t want to stuff in between the couch cushions. Besides being able to control a plethora of AV devices, these controllers look good enough to leave right in the middle of the coffee table. There are options for both the budget-minded and those looking

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How to Integrate Subsystems With a Home Automation System

home automation

On its own, a home automation system has the dexterity to juggle a variety of different tasks. Meticulously engineered and designed by the manufacturer and installed by a home systems integrator, it’s able to dim and brighten light fixtures, adjust the settings of thermostats, provide status reports of household electricity usage, and choreograph the operation

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Qolsys Debuts IQ Temp & IQ Siren Smart Sensors

Rachel Cericola
Qolsys sensors work with the IQ Panel

Adding in sensors can make your smart home—well, even smarter. Qolsys knows this, so the company has debuted a pair of new sensors to expand its portfolio of connected sensors and smart devices.

The Qolsys IQ Temp can alert homeowners to severe temperature changes, as well as extreme high and extreme low temperatures. Those warnings could

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iRobot Makes Roomba 980 Vacuum Smarter via WiFi

Rachel Cericola
iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum

What’s not to love about Roomba? Even if this little robot vacuum isn’t picking up every Cheerio or speck of dirt, it’s still keeping your house a lot cleaner than you could. Now, parent company iRobot is looking to make your house even tidier with the Roomba 980.

This isn’t just another robot vacuum with new

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Technology that Stands Out

Home Theater Technology

WHILE HIDING TECHNOLOGY is currently the trend in homes, it wasn’t so long ago that showing it off was de rigueur. “A little over a decade ago, the trend was that people who could afford technology preferred to show it off. They weren’t modest about being ostentatious,” says Mark Hernandez of New York City-based electronics

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