A home theater is a room or space designed to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a commercial cinema. Home theaters, media rooms and home theater systems come in many varieties and prices, but all include a surround sound system, large display (such as a flat panel TV or home theater projector) and high-quality source components (such as a 3D Blu-ray player or high-definition video server).

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The Best Home Theaters for Football Parties

Grant Clauser
If AstroTurf is your preferred indoor carpet, you're ready for a football-themed home theater.

Serious football fans will want to watch this year’s Superbowl in the most impressive room they can. What gets a sport fanatic excited on Superbowl Sunday more than watching their team win? Watching that win on a 120-inch or bigger home theater screen in a room custom decorated with awesome sports memorabilia.

The best home

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How to Pick the Best Home Theater Screen

EH Staff
Screen by Seymour Screen Excellence

The best way to authenticate the look and feel of a movie theater in your own home is by using a projection screen. A home theater screen, just like the ones used in commercial cinemas, displays images thrown onto it from a video projector that’s placed either in front of it (front projection) or in

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Hands On with the LG PF85U 1080p DLP LED projector

Arlen Schweiger
LG smart LED projector

My colleagues and I have for years recommended projectors over flat panels when it comes to home theater displays, since we’re often asked by friends and family for purchasing suggestions. Relative to cost especially, we stress the ability to watch a really good looking picture on 100 or so diagonal inches of a projection screen

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Hands On with Kaleidescape Alto High Def Movie Server Review

Grant Clauser
kaleidescape alto-2

If you’re a big movie fan, desire quick and easy access to your movie collection, and don’t like heading out to a store to get the latest disc, then you’ll like Kaleidescape’s latest high definition movie server, the Kaleidescape Alto. It’s also notable because at $2,495, it’s significantly less money than anything the company has

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SIM2 Shows Off Laser Home Theater Projector at CES

sim2 laser projector ces 2 main

This might be the biggest collaboration between Italy and China since the days of explorer Marco Polo… and that was 700 years ago.

Pordenone, Italy-based SIM2 Multimedia has joined forces with Shanxi OV-LaserTec of China in the co-development of a compact pure-laser home theater projector. The 1080p unit (not 4K!), which is based on SIM2’s ALPHAPATH

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Sony Adds New 4K Projector to Home Theater Ultra HD Lineup

Grant Clauser
sony VPL-VW350ES smaller

Sony was the first company to offer a true Ultra HD resolution 4K projector targeted at the mainstream home theater market back in 2011 with the VPL-VW1000ES for $25,000, which was followed up by the VPL-VW500ES for about $15,000. Sony has lowered the price of entry for 4K home theaters again with the new VPL-VW350ES

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