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Home Theater

A home theater is a room or space designed to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a commercial cinema. Home theaters, media rooms and home theater systems come in many varieties and prices, but all include a surround sound system, large display (such as a flat panel TV or home theater projector) and high-quality source components (such as a 3D Blu-ray player or high-definition video server).

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BenQ’s Latest Home Projector Delivers Vivid Colors

benq projector

BenQ America Corp. introduces a new member to its Colorific home entertainment video projector lineup, the MH530. The MH530 deliver to a family room projection screen bright, vibrant true-to-life images in full HD 1080p resolution and long-lasting color fidelity. Engineered with a variety of advanced features to elevate picture performance, including energy-saving SmartEco technology, 3D

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Hollywood: Who is For and Against Same-Day Home Movie Service?


By Jordan O’Brien
Francis Ford Coppola appears to be the next Hollywood heavyweight to embrace services like Screening Room that allow consumers to skip the cinema and enjoy first-run movies at home, the same day they’re released in theaters.

Coppola tells Flavorwire, “The truth is that you’re going to be able to see it [new release]

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A/V Equipment Racks: Good, Better, and Best Options


At the heart of any great home entertainment system is a suite of black boxes that supplies audio and video content to your speakers and TVs. Streaming media players, audio/video receivers, Blu-ray disc players, high-def cable boxes, and a host of other gear are essential to the home entertainment experience, and if you’re like many

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4K Video from Netflix Available on Dish Hopper3


DISH has announced that its customers can now stream the Netflix catalog of Ultra HD TV shows and movies from a Hopper 3 DVR. Beginning immediately these Netflix titles join DISH’s inventory of Ultra HD content that includes a slate of 4K programming from Sony, The Orchard, and Mance Media.

The Hopper 3 delivers native 4K

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NCAA Basketball Tourney Gets Boost from DISH Hopper


Is your bracket ready? Can’t miss a second of the NCAA basketball action? Wish you could watch games broadcast at the same time from the comfort of your couch instead of having to visit the local multi-screen pub? There’s hope for all your hoop dreams as the tournament kicks off, thanks to a new technology

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Home Entertainment Trend: Synched Lighting, Motion and Smell


When you think of immersive entertainment, you usually consider object-oriented surround-sound technologies like Dolby Atmos, or video immersion via big curved screens, 3D images, and virtual reality.
But entertainment is taking on even more dimensions. Makers of motion chairs, like D-Box and Guitammer, call their amenities the fourth dimension of entertainment.

D-Box hand-codes movies to define the

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Telescopic Home Theater Screen Changes Shape

ScreenInnovations_Transformer split no title-2 copy

Movies are shot in all sorts of formats: wide 16:9, even wider 2.35:1 (CinemaScope), and other aspect ratios. It can make choosing the right size screen complicated, and that’s why many home theater enthusiasts invest in masking systems. These systems feature rolls of black fabric that cover portions of the screen to alter its shape

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Ambient Light Rejecting Projection Screens

The Starling Tab-Tension 2 Series CineGrey 5D motorized retractable projection screen from Elite Screens

Over recent years, some audio and video trends such as 3-D have come and gone. Other trends such as 4K are justly deemed a true step in the right direction. “Ambient Light Rejecting” technology, or ALR, is another such step. The ultimate goal of ALR is to give video enthusiasts what they truly want from

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Savant Tiling System Turns 1 TV into 9 Displays


With so much video content available to homeowners these days, one of the toughest decisions you may have to make is choosing what to watch. If you’ve invested in a media streaming device, there’s a bounty of programming available, as well as the standard DVD, cable or satellite TV programming and more. Video distribution systems

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The Future of 4K Is Bright in 2016

photo courtesy of Vizio

Since it was first introduced, 4K Ultra HD (UHD) TV has garnered somewhat mixed reactions. Most people agreed that the extra image resolution was fantastic, but the usual caveats were made: There’s too little content available to watch; there are a limited number of devices to use for playback of the content that’s available; some

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More 4K Video Projectors Set to Hit the Market

Texas Instruments chip

If you’re a fan of crystal clear, lifelike video, you know that 4K is the way to go. And if you’re building home theater, you know that a 4K video projector will provide a stellar viewing experience. Unfortunately, 4K video projectors have been a little hard to come by … until now. With the recent

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3D Audio Installation Tips

integra dolby atmos receiver

The big buzz in home theater audio is a relatively new type of “objected-oriented” system that enables sound effects from a movie to move seamlessly throughout the space—even overhead–to create a more realistic, engaging listening experience. During a scene that features a rainstorm, for example, the audio seemingly “rains” down from above. The extra height

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5 More Favorite Football-Themed Home Theaters

Rachel Cericola

Recently, we were talking up football—or more specifically, football-inspired theme theaters.

All of those rooms may look a little different, but each homeowner has a love for the game that’s very similar. And yes, there are others out there. It seems that our original five super-fans are not alone in their passion for the pigskin. Not even close.

We found another

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