Security systems can come in the form of professionally-installed and monitored alarm systems or Do-It-Yourself systems with wireless security cameras and motion sensors. Often security systems are combined with smart home automation systems to provide an easy and seamless experience. Affordable security systems make it easy for anyone to protect their home and family.

Smart Sensors Make a Smart Home

EH Staff
smart home sensors

We’ve written before that sensors should be an integral part of the planning when setting up a new home automation system or home security system. There are a wide variety of smart home sensors designed to detect and report on various conditions and events in a home, and with the right programming, they can be

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Top 3 Ways DIY Security Might Put Your Home at Risk

EH Staff
napco diy security

By Richard Soloway, NAPCO Security Technologies

The stunning growth of “smart home” security systems at big box retailers has made it easier than ever for anyone to install cameras, alarms, and the like. Many electronics manufacturers now offer security products with Do It Yourself (DIY) installations, smartphone interfaces, and, most notably, low prices.

Recent data

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Apple Watch Puts Home Security Systems on Your Wrist

Lisa Montgomery
home security systems

While the Apple Watch will handle many other tasks, believes that the smart home scenario is one of the most compelling applications of the wearable.

The new Apple Watch, slated for availability April 24, will be able to juggle many tasks—fitness tracking, web surfing, making transactions, and more, but a new app from,

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New Panasonic Home Security Cameras Use 4G Cell Service to Keep Connected

Grant Clauser
nubo panasonic home security cameras

Home security cameras are becoming popular and fairly inexpensive, but with Wifi security cameras come the problems of poor connectivity and possible network vulnerability. Panasonic’s new Nubo wireless camera solves that by using a 4G cellular connection instead of WiFi.

The Panasonic Nubu wireless home security camera is designed for both indoor and outdoor use—it’s

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