Security systems can come in the form of professionally-installed and monitored alarm systems or Do-It-Yourself systems with wireless security cameras and motion sensors. Often security systems are combined with smart home automation systems to provide an easy and seamless experience. Affordable security systems make it easy for anyone to protect their home and family.

Foscam Prices C1 Wireless HD Camera Under $70

Rachel Cericola
C1 Indoor HD 720p Home Security Cameras

We’ve seen plenty of home security cameras in all shapes and sizes. We’ve also seen them at a lot of different price points. However, Foscam seems to be going for mass appeal, with its very affordable C1 Indoor HD 720p Camera.

These home security cameras are probably the cheapest option we’ve seen yet. However, if you

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Piper Puts a Water Sensor into its Security Lineup

Rachel Cericola
The Piper Camera with the Water Sensor.

Security products like the Piper Smart All-in-One Home Security Camera are becoming the norm in the Electronic House. After all, wireless home security cameras are an affordable, easy way to keep tabs on your home while you’re away from home.

While these types of security options may prepare you for a break-in or when the dog

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Hands-On Review: D-Link WiFi Water Sensor

Rachel Cericola
D-Link WiFi Water Sensor (DCH-S160) Smart Meters

When it comes to security, people often overlook smart meters such as water sensors. Leaky pipes and faucets don’t wear a dark mask and come creeping around your house at night—but they’re lurking. And if you don’t take some kind of precaution, they can cause just as much damage and sadness as a break-in.

Thankfully, water

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Smanos Builds Low-Cost Security System with 2 New Products

Rachel Cericola
Smanos W020/IP6 House Alarms Bundle

House alarms and other security measures aren’t something you want to skimp on. However, having whole-house security with a professional monitoring company can be costly. Just because you can’t have the best, does not mean you should go without.

There are a lot of different security options out there today. There are house alarms and other

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18 Tips for Positioning IP-based Home Security Cameras

IP-based Home Security Cameras

The use of network-based technology for signal transport has made all the difference in ease of installation and advances in system functionality.

In order to derive the full potential available in most IP-based video surveillance systems it’s imperative that you use the right cable and that it be installed properly.

Here are 18 tips for positioning IP-based home

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