Security systems can come in the form of professionally-installed and monitored alarm systems or Do-It-Yourself systems with wireless security cameras and motion sensors. Often security systems are combined with smart home automation systems to provide an easy and seamless experience. Affordable security systems make it easy for anyone to protect their home and family.

Getting Started with a DIY Home Security System

Grant Clauser
Fortrezz alarm light and iSmartAlarm app

New smart home products and DIY security systems are springing up everywhere these days, especially after the home tech extravaganza that was this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Among smart home systems, one of the most popular sub categories is home security. In the US, home security is the factor that most motivates people to install

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SwannOne DIY Security Smart Home System


If you Google “security cameras” or any related term, you’ll find Swann CCTV and video recorder systems everywhere. The products are hugely popular in both DIY security and commercial circles, even if the brand isn’t readily recognized.

Now the company hopes to achieve the same success with a new home automation system called SwannOne, which debuted

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New Piper Security Camera Boasts Superb Night Vision

Lisa Montgomery
Piper nv - Black - Angle med

Your family is leaving the house to catch an evening movie. Chances are, you have probably turned off the house lights (at least some of them) to conserve energy. After the show, you’d like to check to see if the new puppy has gotten into the trash. Using a standard IP surveillance camera, you might

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How to Choose Wireless Home Security Cameras

EH Staff
Home security camera main pic

Having a home security system means a lot more than putting a warning sticker on your front window. Thanks to affordable smart home systems and DIY home security cameras, anyone can easily monitor their home when they’re away. In fact, security isn’t the only reason to have a wireless surveillance camera. They’re also great for

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