Security systems can come in the form of professionally-installed and monitored alarm systems or Do-It-Yourself systems with wireless security cameras and motion sensors. Often security systems are combined with smart home automation systems to provide an easy and seamless experience. Affordable security systems make it easy for anyone to protect their home and family.

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New Pyrexx Smoke Detector is Smart and Covered in Crystals

pyrexx bling smoke detector

At IFSEC 2015 (International Fire & Security) in London, fire protection devices comprised a big chunk of the show floor, with highly utilitarian products aimed at preventing, detecting and suppressing flames.

Who cares what they look like, right? Pyrexx does.

The German company demonstrated sleek-looking wireless smoke alarms that come in more than 40 different looks –

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Smart Garage Door Openers for Home Security

home security smart garage door opener

The humble garage door has been the smartest device on the block for decades. Why? Garage-door openers of course. Yes, the boring old motorized garage door is probably the first smart home gadget you ever owned. Ok, well, it’s not all that smart. All it does is open and close a door, but it’s pretty

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What’s Your Home Security Plan While On Vacation?

piper home security system

If you’re like 37.9 percent of the people surveyed by Piper, then your home security plans while on vacation amount to nothing more than locking the door on your way out (without even a smart lock). While 16.8 percent reported using a professionally installed security system, most everyone else who was asked responded that they

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