Home lighting automation systems include smart lighting, wireless LED blubs, wireless light switches and dimmers and smart phone apps for whole-house smart lighting. Ambient sunlight can also be managed and integrated into a smart home lighting automation system with motorized shades and motorized blinds.

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Maximus Smart Security Light Packs in an HD Camera

Rachel Cericola
Maximus Smart Security Light: outdoor light fixtures

We’ve always said that smart lighting can be a great addition to any home security setup. Having lights that tie into a whole-house system or have motion-activation allow you to light up some of those darker areas in and around the house. Besides remote control, some options even have timers or triggers, so it will look

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Draper LightBloc ZIP Motorized Shades Provide Complete Blackout

Draper’s LightBloc ZIP motorized shade combines its Motorized LIghtBloc FlexShade with its FlexShade Zip to provide dealers with the best features from these two product lines.

Over the past year or so, one of the best home theater and multimedia A/V system trends to develop has been the advancements made to projectors’ lamp lives and brightness capabilities. These developments are enabling dealers to place projectors in locations that were previously unfriendly to two-piece, projection-based video systems.

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Lighting Control Gives You an Extra Security Blanket

Arlen Schweiger
smart home lighting control

We’ve all experienced this scenario while taking our kids trick-or-treating on Halloween; every few houses or so you need to skip because you know those homeowners are not participating this year. How do you know? It’s very simple, they turn off their outside lights.

In most cases it’s not that the owners are not home —

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3 Spooktacular Halloween Lighting Displays

Rachel Cericola
Halloween Outdoor Lighting: Lights on Ice Crystal

This time of year, automated outdoor lighting can be truly boo-tiful.

It’s Halloween, which means it’s time for kids to get hopped up on sugar and parents to bust out the automated lighting. While the number of Christmas scenes can often be viewed from space, more and more Halloween-themed outdoor lighting displays have been popping up quicker than

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Wireless Dimmers are a Smart Choice to Smart Lighting

EH Staff

Wireless dimmers are often a smarter choice than wireless light bulbs for automated lighting system. While smart light bulbs are an easy way to get started in home automation or lighting control, in many situations, they’re not the best long-term solution.

For starters, wireless smart light bulbs can be expensive. The ones that do tricks like change

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3 Ways Motorized Shades and Blinds Save Energy

EH Staff

Light is energy, and energy is a precious thing these days. We want to use it wisely, get the most out of it, and preserve it when we can. Much of our daily lives revolves around light. We follow it, work under it, and then put it behind us when we’re done for the day.

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3 Ways to Scare Up Halloween Lighting with the Philips Hue

John W. Rutland: Philips Hue Halloween

Cinematographer John W. Rutland is no stranger to creating chilling light effects. This Halloween, Philips Hue collaborated with him to bring high-tech horror into your home.

With his experience in lighting supernatural horror films like Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (which hits theaters on October 23, 2015), Rutland is an expert on transforming a cozy living

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LUTRON + Apple = A Smart Home Conversation

Rachel Cericola
Lutron Caseta

Ever since Apple HomeKit was first announced last year, the tech world has been buzzing. After all, many of us already carry and depend on iPads and iPhones for work, play and directions to the closest pizza shop. However, now you’ll be able to do a lot more with those trusty iOS devices.

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