Home lighting automation systems include smart lighting, wireless LED blubs, wireless light switches and dimmers and smart phone apps for whole-house smart lighting. Ambient sunlight can also be managed and integrated into a smart home lighting automation system with motorized shades and motorized blinds.

Light Bulb Update: LED Makes Understanding Light Bulbs Important Again

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We’ve taken our lighting and our light bulbs for granted for decades now, but a combination of new light bulb technology with new smart lighting control systems has created more opportunities to use and appreciate lights in new ways. At new article Maximizing the Potential of Your Home’s Lights, in the January 2015 issue

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Try Smart LED Bulbs for a Smarter Home

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One of the easiest ways to get started with a smart lighting control system, is the use smart LED bulbs, or wireless smart bulbs. Wireless smart bulbs are great DIY products that anyone can setup, take almost no technical know-how, and are fun to use. An automated lighting system based on smart wireless light bulbs

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