Home lighting automation systems include smart lighting, wireless LED blubs, wireless light switches and dimmers and smart phone apps for whole-house smart lighting. Ambient sunlight can also be managed and integrated into a smart home lighting automation system with motorized shades and motorized blinds.

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ilumi Smart LED Light Bulbs Backed by Mark Cuban

Rachel Cericola
ilumi Smart LED Light Bulbs Backed by Mark Cuban

We’re seeing a ton of smart LED light bulbs out there. Some use WiFi, some work with Bluetooth, and some light up through the power of Z-Wave. How does a company compete? By making those smart bulbs a little better.

That’s the idea behind Smartbulb LED light bulbs. These are ilumi’s second-generation Smartbulbs, which will soon be available in two

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4 Cool Things You Can Do with Philips Hue Lights

Philips Hue lights

Now that Philips Hue lights have finally added a portable product (the Hue Go), there’s hardly anything you can’t do with them. From the basic original Hue LED smart bulbs, to the light strip, and lamp-like things, the Hue Beyond, the company has covered most of the lighting device categories, and invented a few as

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What Home Lighting Control System is Right for You

EH Staff
lighting control

Smart home automation and lighting control systems are indeed high-tech enhancements to any home, but they don’t necessarily have to be high priced or highly complicated. Technology developments, including apps, LED lights and wireless control systems, have evolved a great deal, making lighting control, from the simple to the advance, available to almost anyone.


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