New technology can help homeowners save energy in many ways. Smart thermostats, wirelessly-controlled outlets and switches, motorized blinds, smart lighting and home control automation systems allow more control over your energy use and more energy savings.

Waxman’s leakSMART Can Save Thousands in Water Damage

Rachel Cericola

Smart gadgets that protect your home from water damage don’t seem all that cool—until you actually need them. Then, they are very cool. The coolest.

Instead of waiting for that moment, you could easily install leakSMART. The ZigBee-based smart home system was designed by Waxman Industries, a family-owned company that’s been around for about 70 years.

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What are the Best Tech Gadgets for Energy Savings?

EH Staff
Energy saving gadgets main

Saving energy means using less energy, right? Well, yes, but how do you know how much energy you’re using on a daily or even hourly basis? Most of us have no idea what our appliances, gadgets or even our heating and air conditioning systems are consuming until it comes time to look at the bill.


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