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Home audio systems can be simple stereos, Bluetooth wireless speakers, home theater surround sound systems, wireless speakers and whole-house music systems. The best home music systems and speakers play back the music you want in the best possible format, including MP3, vinyl records, Internet streaming and high-resolution music downloads.

Klipsch R-15PM Speakers Feature Bluetooth


Over the past several years through the growing trend of people using their computers as music listening devices, the sales of active or “powered” speakers have increased. This past fall the popular A/V manufacturer Klipsch announced itsR-15PM powered monitor loudspeakers, which build upon the basic premise of active speakers by including features that aren’t typically

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New Denon AV Receivers Include 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X

denon receiver

Looking past the high-profile choices that sit at the top of the A/V receiver category, there are a growing amount of value-minded solutions that offer users tons of performance for a minimal investment.

The latest of these value-minded receivers to hit the market comes from the popular A/V manufacturer Denon. Replacing its AVR-S710W and AVR-S910W

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Yamaha Enhances Wireless MusicCast System with New Amp and Preamp

yamaha pic

In August Yamaha announced its MusicCast wireless whole-house audio technology platform. Enhancing the platform, which is available in a growing number of Yamaha A/V receivers, soundbars, wireless speakers, and other components, the large audio manufacturer has announced two new MusicCast products: the WXA-50 Amplifier ($500) and the WXC-50 Preamplifier ($350).

“Yamaha fully appreciates that

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Product Review: Paradigm Wireless Amplifier with DTS Play-Fi Support


The Canadian audio company Paradigm is well known and highly respected in consumer audio circles. For decades the company has balanced cost friendliness and advanced design concepts to provide audiophiles with some of the best sounding and most affordable speakers ever produced.

Jumping into a new category, the Toronto-based company entered the wireless whole-house audio market

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Apple Watch Addition to Bluesound Music System

bluesound apple watch

Bluesound is upping the ante on cool ways to control a wireless home audio system with its recent launch of BluOS 2.0, an upgrade for BluOS-enabled wireless hi-res music systems. The release includes a major update to its mobile controller apps for iOS and Android. Version 2.0 is Bluesound’s first phase in a fresh new

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Yamaha Receiver Boasts 4K and Bluetooth Support


Yamaha has announced a new 5.1-channel A/V receiver, the RX-V381, that boasts built-in Bluetooth for wireless music playback and full 4K Ultra HD support, offering home theater enthusiasts an elevated cinema experience. The $299.95 unit is the first in Yamaha’s RX-V 81 Series receiver line, and it is also HDCP 2.2 compliant and features high

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Onkyo Announces 2016 Line of A/V Receivers

Onkyo TXNR757 receiver

Recent developments in the home theater market have fueled a renewed interest in surround sound. Dolby’s introduction of its Atmos object-based surround sound format, and the impending mass-market release of DTS’ object-based surround sound format DTS:X are driving a new era of home theater that now enables homeowners to enjoy a commercial theater audio experience

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Outdoor Speakers to Plant in Your Backyard


Origin Acoustics, maker of higher-end architectural and outdoor speakers, is rolling out a more affordable line of outdoor audio under the new AcoustaScape brand. AcoustaScape is “an efficient entry-level system designed to give medium-sized outdoor environments wide dispersion sound coverage,” says Origin CEO Jeremy Burkhardt.
Burkhardt explains that AcoustaScape’s “building-block approach” to outside music is “unique

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Basalte Audio System Distributes Uncompressed Music

s4-700 music server

Basalte has completed its Asano Native KNX multi-room audio system with the introduction of the Asano S4 music server and the M4 multiroom amplifier. With the addition of these two pieces, the system amplifies and distributes uncompressed hi-fi audio to speakers throughout at home.

With the Asano multi-room audio system, Belgian manufacturer Basalte offers sound in

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Smart Sound from Dumb Speakers

iothinks_3 (1)

A little saucer shaped “computer” with the ability to talk Wi-Fi promises to turn your old stereo speakers to modern marvels. Available on pre-order via Kickstarter, iothinks plugs into any standard audio system. It works by outputting to standard audio formats, like optical cables and headphone jacks, while simultaneously communicating via Wi-Fi with your phone,

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Home Audio: Past, Present and Future

Speakers like this one from Sonos have helped solidify streaming as a valid source of music in the home.

The first-generation home audio systems, while limited in their abilities, were surprisingly simple to use, and worked quite reliably. Barring the cursed scratched disc, CD players almost always performed as expected. And even a self-proclaimed technical dunce could figure out how to operate a rotary volume control knob.

Then something changed. Digital music began to

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Sonos Adds Apple Music; Gets Romantic

Apple Music on Sonos Menu_US

They say music calms the savage beast. That music makes the world go round. That music is the heartbeat of the soul. But does music make you swoon? Does it make you feel more romantic? Does it make you want to spoon with your soulmate?

Even though Valentine’s Day is officially, over, there’s no sense in

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How to Pick the Best Soundbar

Rachel Cericola
How to Pick the Best Soundbar

Like it or not, soundbars have become a big part of the audio market. Even the best soundbar is pooh-poohed by the average audiophile.

But let’s get one thing straight: Soundbars are popular. Earlier this year, Quixel Research said that revenue for the soundbar market rose by 31 percent in 2014, all the way to $1.5

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Mark Levinson Details № 519 Digital Audio Player

Rachel Cericola
Harman_ML 519

We’re already looking forward to the summer—and it has nothing to do with shaking off this brutally cold weather. Sometime this July, Harman’s Mark Levinson will release a brand new digital audio player.

However, the № 519 digital audio player isn’t just your typical media streamer. It’s actually designed to be the hub of your high-performance

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