Home audio systems can be simple stereos, Bluetooth wireless speakers, home theater surround sound systems, wireless speakers and whole-house music systems. The best home music systems and speakers play back the music you want in the best possible format, including MP3, vinyl records, Internet streaming and high-resolution music downloads.

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Origin Acoustics Launches Outdoor Speakers in Seasons Collection

Origin Acoustics outdoor speakers

After a long winter of cold, snow and ice, it’s time to pull out the lawn furniture, pink flamingos, gardening equipment and some new outdoor speakers.

Helping to provide homeowners with that final element that takes their outdoor activities to the next level is Origin Acoustics. Adding to its selection of products, the company has announced

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Active Speakers vs Passive Speakers: Which to Use?

EH Staff
f-3 no-grille speaker

Audiophiles understand the importance of speakers in a home entertainment set-up. This is arguably the most important decision made when purchasing and assembling the audio components for the system. It is certainly one of the first features shown off when fellow audiophiles drop in for some aural sampling.

When selecting speakers, consumers may find themselves

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New Pro-Ject Turntable Sports Classic Look and Upgraded Performance

pro-ject turntable

Just in time for the annual Record Store Day (April 18), Pro-Ject has announced its latest turntable product: the 2Xperience SB DC.
Pro-Ject‘s product line is available through its American distributor, the West Coast importer Sumiko. The San Francisco-based company offers the company’s line of turntables, phono preamplifiers and digital solutions to an authorized dealer network.


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5 Easy Ways to Hide Speaker Wire

Arlen Schweiger
hiding speaker wire

If you’re adding a surround-sound system to a family room, or even transforming a basement into a theater, you’re not always going to have perfect conditions for hiding wires.

When you’re connecting your receiver to two or four surround speakers, or maybe front LCR speakers, on the other side of the room depending on where your

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Great Active Speakers for a Computer Sound System

EH Staff
active speakers for computer sound systems

by Rebecca Day

If you value the tunes you store on your PC (or Mac, of course), you should also value the speakers for your computer sound system. Like the throwaway earbuds that come with a smartphone, most speakers that come with laptop or desktop PCs are serviceable at best. But with hard disk space no

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Jay Z Buys Tidal Streaming Music Services as It Relaunches On Sonos


Jay Z may have opined about having “99 Problems,” but with his acquisition of the lossless streaming service TIDAL and WiMP, the New York City-based music, sports and entertainment mogul is hoping the Swedish company doesn’t add to his list of concerns.

Earlier this month Jay Z, through his company Project Panther Bidco Ltd., announced the

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