Home audio systems can be simple stereos, Bluetooth wireless speakers, home theater surround sound systems, wireless speakers and whole-house music systems. The best home music systems and speakers play back the music you want in the best possible format, including MP3, vinyl records, Internet streaming and high-resolution music downloads.

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Active Speakers vs Passive Speakers: Which to Use?

EH Staff
f-3 no-grille speaker

Audiophiles understand the importance of speakers in a home entertainment set-up. This is arguably the most important decision made when purchasing and assembling the audio components for the system. It is certainly one of the first features shown off when fellow audiophiles drop in for some aural sampling.

When selecting speakers, consumers may find themselves

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Russound Class D Multi-room Audio System Amps Spread Music Around the Home

multi-room audio system amp

The tech giant Apple recently joined a crowded audio market when announced the launch of its Apple Music subscription streaming service. Helping homeowners distribute Apple Music, as well as other popular services including Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and others, is the Newmarket, N.H.-based electronics manufacturer Russound.

Adding a pair of multi room audio system amps, the products

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6 Wireless Speakers You May Not Have Heard of but Should Listen to

EH Staff
6 cool Wireless speakers main

Wireless speakers don’t have to be all business. You’re probably heard of Sonos speakers, but there are many other audio companies offering unique approaches to the wireless speaker market. Just as traditional speakers can be flexible in their design, from basic box speakers to the objet d’art that is the B&W Nautilus, wireless speakers can

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