Home audio systems can be simple stereos, Bluetooth wireless speakers, home theater surround sound systems, wireless speakers and whole-house music systems. The best home music systems and speakers play back the music you want in the best possible format, including MP3, vinyl records, Internet streaming and high-resolution music downloads.

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Hands On: Dayton Audio ATS1200 TV Stand Soundbar Review

Dayton Audio AST1200 TV Stand Soundbar Review

Soundbar and sound bases (or pedestal speakers, as some companies call them) are practical ways to upgrade the audio performance of your TV viewing without investing in the space and wire setup negotiation of a full surround sound speaker system. The problem with most soundbars is that, if your goal is to limit the amount

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Great Bundle Offer on Sonos Wireless Speakers

Grant Clauser
sonos wireless speakers sale

This doesn’t happen often, but Sonos is having a sale. Well, it’s not exactly a sale, but for a limited time, the company is offering a 2 Room Starter Set of Sonos wireless speakers for $349.

This Sonos speaker combo consists to two PLAY: 1 wireless speakers. The Sonos PLAY:1 is nicely suited as a solo

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Room Correction: The Best Audio Upgrade You Can Make?

EH Staff
Audyssey Room Correction microphone

by Ron Goldberg

What if getting dramatically improved sonics had less to do with home theater or home stereo gear and more to do with the environment you listen in? It’s often true — when it comes to audio, there’s a 600 lb. gorilla in your room, and it’s the room itself. Room correction may

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Great Ways to Hide a Soundbar or Soundbase

Grant Clauser
soundbar or soundbase

While advances in speakers have made them smaller, thinner, wireless and more powerful, especially when we’re talking about the newest soundbar or soundbase technology, you may still want to hide your new media room speaker out of sight.

Traditional in-wall speakers are fairly easy to discreetly mount (especially if you paint the grill) and there

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