Home audio systems can be simple stereos, Bluetooth wireless speakers, home theater surround sound systems, wireless speakers and whole-house music systems. The best home music systems and speakers play back the music you want in the best possible format, including MP3, vinyl records, Internet streaming and high-resolution music downloads.

Invisible Speakers for Home Audio that’s Heard, Not Seen

Grant Clauser
invisible speakers and invisible TV

If you ask an interior decorator about loudspeakers, he or she will tell you they should be heard and not seen. Maybe some home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles would disagree, but a lot of people hold the opinion that speakers in an audio system should be as hidden as possible. Imagine if we could actually

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CasaTunes Offers Multi-room Audio Systems for $995

EH Staff
casatunes multi room audio systems

Need music in a variety of rooms? CasaTunes is hoping to entice music lovers with one of its server options.

If the ability to listen to three streams of music in different rooms at the same time isn’t enough, maybe a price drop in these multi-room audio systems will get your attention. The company just announced

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Study Says Sound Quality Is Important to an Audio System, but…

audio system dog listening to music from imgarcade.com

Good sound is not a mythical “Holy Grail” pursuit that’s exclusive to the niche audiophile crowd, says a newly released study commissioned by CSR plc.

In a poll of 2,000 consumers in the U.S., the U.K., China, Japan and Germany, CSR’s “State of Play” study revealed several interesting facts about why people listen to music and

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