Zillow.com Recognizing Value of Home Theaters… Almost
Popular home value Web site adds new feature called Dueling Digs that allows homeowners to show off their home theaters.
May 29, 2009 by Jason Knott

For many homeowners who take the time to invest in a home theater, the ROI in terms of increased home valuation is hit or miss. In fact, the guidebook used by home appraisers to determine home values doesn’t even include a section on home theaters. How ridiculous is that!

But finally, one of the real estate industry’s most prominent home value Web sites—www.Zillow.com—is showcasing home theaters in a section called “Dueling Digs” where homeowners challenge one another with photos of their homes and then other Web site visitors vote on the winners. It’s not directly touting home theater, but the mere fact that Zillow is showing home theater is an extremely positive sign.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to show off your home theater on a Web site devoted to determining home valuations. The way it works  is that you upload a photo of your home theater and then “launch a duel” against other homes. Then just sit back watch the numbers. If you do well, it’s an ego boost, but also a potential bargaining chip if your theater performs well and you ever want to sell your house.

The way the site is organized is a bit confusing if you want to find out more specifics on the home itself. But, for example, the No. 37 ranked home theater is a 5-bedroom, 4-bath home in Orlando valued at $983,000.

Go ahead, post your theater and see how it performs. Then, just remember to tell your appraiser about it.

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