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YouTube, Universal Team on Vevo Music Video Site
More web video to be had is forthcoming from a YouTube sub-site called Vevo, which will host music videos from Universal.
vevo music
Vevo will be a music video site from YouTube and Universal
April 10, 2009 by Arlen Schweiger

Because what the world needs is another web video site, Google-owned YouTube and Universal are partnering to present ... Vevo!

So why will we viva la Vivo? Probably for the same reasons my wife hops on YouTube when she’s itching to hear some current pop song that’s nowhere to be found on my iTunes list.

Hey, YouTube is easy enough to search for music videos, and Universal’s music channel, as Ars Technica notes, is the most viewed channel on YouTube—and that’s saying something considering the billions of views being generated on the popular video website.

There haven’t been hard details announced for the new Vevo, which will act as its own web music video portal, but keep an eye out for it if you’re surfing on YouTube—apparently the same videos will still be played there, just with a special embedded Vevo video player.

What does this really mean to anyone checking around for the latest video from Kanye West, Beck or The Roots (or hundreds more)? Well those advertisers will be singing right at you, as Vevo will be another way Google tries to monetize the YouTube phenomenon, and it’ll share revenue with Universal.

What will be interesting is the technology for streaming video on the website, which hopefully will be laden with lots of HD options. Either way, I think I’ll still want my MTVmusic more.

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