YouTube May Add Full-Length Movies Soon
YouTube and parent company Google are reportedly in talks with movie studios to bring feature films to the popular video website.
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YouTube, bringing the movies to your computers soon?
November 07, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

When it comes to video website traffic, YouTube is still light years ahead of Hulu. When it comes to TV and movie content, though, Hulu’s got the nod in a big way.

It looks like YouTube (and of course, behemoth parent Google) is gearing up to provide some more competition. The company recently went in with CBS to begin showing full TV episodes, and now appears to be talking to movie studios about bringing full-length feature films on board, reports CNET.

Despite mega traffic numbers at about 80 million visitors a month, YouTube’s biggest thorn for Google and its much-ballyhooed billion-dollar-plus purchase tag has been figuring out how to monetize the site.

Hulu shows ads before, during and after movie and TV presentations (in much more limited fashion than when they’re broadcast o the network); it would make sense for YouTube to follow this model, no?

One executive told CNET that you could expect to see movies on YouTube in the next 30 to 90 days if all goes well. We’re sure hoping it does.

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