Yamaha RX-V671 AV Receiver Review
Lots of bells and whistles for not much money.
October 12, 2011 by Audioholics.com

The home theater receiver performs some of the most important functions in any audio/video entertainment system. Lately receivers are doing a lot more than just switching inputs and amplifying audio signals. If you want all the extra bells and whistles, you have to pay for them, but what bells and whistles can you get for a modest price? If this Yamaha RX-V671 is representative of the category, then you can get an awful lot.

Audioholics recently took a look at this Yamaha unit. Check out some of their thoughts here: 

The RX-V671 by Yamaha. It offers some of the most important features we tend to look for, like a discrete powered Zone 2, and network features that let you stream music from the likes of Pandora, vTuner, Rhapsody, SiriusXM Internet Radio and Napster. It also lets you stream media from any DLNA-compatible source.

Like the RX-V571, which is $100 cheaper, the RX-V671 has analogue video upconversion to HDMI - at up to 1080p resolution. That means you can feed this receiver just about any composite or component video signal and it can output it via HDMI. This is a real no-hassle way to connect your system - and it means that you only need to run one HDMI cable to your TV.

Now, the RX-V671 is the least expensive receiver in Yamaha’s line-up to use their new advanced on-screen GUI. This is a system we covered in our review of the Aventage RX-A3000 receiver, and it’s very interactive and easy to use. When you’re setting up speakers, for example, it gives a 3D representation of your room, so you know exactly where you’re telling it to assign the amps.

This receiver has two component video inputs and 5 composite video inputs. It is, of course, 3D compatible and has 6 HDMI inputs, including one on the front - which we find very convenient for using the new cameras that have HDMI outputs. The HDMI inputs also allow pass-through while the receiver is Standby and you can even change inputs. That means you can pipe your Blu-ray player directly to your TV without having to boot up the entire home theater system. This might be handy for watching TV at night, or if… loud noises scare you - I don’t know… I don’t ever bypass the receiver! The other thing that the RX-V671 adds is the AV Controller app which turns your iPhone or iPad into a full-featured remote control for both the Main Zone and Zone 2. The app shows the Zones and rooms, and allows control over input source and volume level.

If you just want to connect an iPhone or iPad to the 671 to stream music, you can, just using the front USB port. No dock is needed and the receiver will even charge your device while it’s connected.

Read the complete review with a video here at Audioholics. Discuss it in the Audioholics forum here.

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