Xbox 360 Blu-ray Drive Rumors Persist
Microsoft is rumored to be prepping a Blu-ray drive, in the $100 to $150 range, for the Xbox 360 with the release date soon.
xbox blu-ray
Xbox 360 and its HD DVD drive—will there be Blu-ray soon?
October 09, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

In terms of the big computer manufacturers, we’re not sure if Microsoft rumors tend to be as spot on as some of those regarding Apple (big surprise when the new Nanos came out!), but PC hardware watchdog X-bit labs says look for an Xbox 360 external Blu-ray drive soon.

Like really soon—perhaps by the holiday shopping season, but more likely a CES debut in January (Vegas, baby!) that’s sure to receive plenty of buzz, X-bit says its “market sources” report.

The rumormill also has Microsoft targeting a $100 to $150 price range for the external drive, which should be an appealing price for gamer nation, including those who may have spent that much on the Xbox 360’s HD DVD drive last year.

Another intriguing note is that apparently the company that’s been contracted to manufacture the BD drive is Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology Corp (TSST). We know Samsung’s pretty comfortable making Blu-ray drives, but maybe as part of this joint venture that was formed back in 2004, Toshiba—the holdout of all HD DVD holdouts—is happy to tag along for the production drive.

Whatever may happen, we’ll be following this one closely as it picks up steam. X-bit noted that neither Microsoft nor TSST have commented on the story.

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