Wisdom Audio’s DCAB-1 an Intelligent Way to Optimize Your Speaker System
The Digitally Controlled Analog Brain (DCAB-1) from Wisdom Audio serves as an electronic crossover, in-room analyzer and equalizer.
Wisdom DCAB-1
Wisdom Audio’s DCAB-1
June 26, 2007 by Arlen Schweiger

Looking for a smart way to calibrate your speaker system for the best quality playback? Wisdom Audio’s Digitally Controlled Analog Brain (DCAB-1) is now shipping, the company announced, with its capabilities as an electronic crossover, in-room analyzer, and equalizer.

Within Wisdom’s own line of products, the company says the DCAB-1 is a particularly effective set up tool for optimizing the performance of a Wisdom Audio Adrenaline or Infinite speaker system, including as a step-up product from the company’s earlier Analog Brain. The DCAB-1 incorporates a greater number of more powerful and precise filters, Wisdom says, and provides repeatable settings for any parameter comparisons.

Other DCAB-1 features include:

  • A remote control that communicates with the Brain bidirectionally, sending instructions to and receiving information back from the main unit, displaying changes and status on its small screen.
  • A real time analyzer and calibrated microphone that is matched (via calibration) to a reference microphone.
  • An RS-232 interface used to connect a computer for calibration and setup. It provides two-way communication between the DCAB-1 and the computer. The PC interface is used for adjusting all the parameters of the crossover/equalizer.
  • Balanced Audio Inputs and Outputs

Go to www.wisdomaudio.com for further information.

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