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Winning the Battle with Electrical Interference
Finally - those scrolling horizontal lines have disappeared from my TV. But will they stay away?
Audio/Video PowerCenter AV 800 with Surge Protection
April 23, 2009 by Chuck McKenney

Last month I detailed some of the problems in my home entertainment system.

The biggie was the electrical interference on my LG plasma TV.

I spent about a week working with some very polite Comcast techs, but they had difficulty diagnosing the situation because the interference was happening mainly at night. They assured me their signal was fine and I eventually cut them loose.

Fortunately, I had Mike Bonetti of Home Theater and Beyond on my side.

We removed the Monster AV 600 ($19.99) from my component closet and replaced with the AV 800 ($49.99). Remember, I’m looking for cost-effective solutions.

“The goal here is to condition the power that’s coming in, to filter any noise that’s over the AC line,” says Mike.

The AV 800 has a coaxial connection. I connect the Comcast cable to the AV 800 and then run its cable into my HD box. All components are then plugged into the AV 800.

Forty-eight hours later and not a sniff of interference.

While the AV 800 isn’t a full blown power conditioner/filter, it still gets the job done. According to Monster’s product write-up - “ultra-low loss RF circuitry minimizes signal loss to maintain the peak output performance of your coax connections.”

I didn’t have to shell out big bucks to solve my problem, however, going cheap from the onset clearly proved to be a hassle.

Now if I can only win the battle for the remote.

A closer look at the AV 800’s coax connections.

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