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Will High Def Affect the Presidential Election?
Why an upclose look at our Presidential nominees may not be such a good thing.
Will High Def Affect the Presidential Election
June 06, 2008 by Gordon Jones

While the talking heads are busy discussing/debating the role of the Internet in the ‘08 Presidential elections, few have mentioned the influence our beloved big screens might have on voter opinion. If you think that’s pushing the power of TV, take a moment to remember (learn about?) the Kennedy-Nixon debate of 1960.

According to the bean counters, 25 percent of U.S. households now own at least one HDTV set. I can’t say they all have high def enabled (ugh) but let’s agree that more Americans than ever are seeing the debates, town halls, and video coverage of the nominees in 1080p goodness. If you haven’t picked up on the issue here, think about the splash high def porn made back in 2004. To put it gently, there some things you just don’t want to see clearly.

So, our Question of the Day is this: Will High Def Affect the Presidential Election?

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