Whole-house Wiring: What Do You Need?
Coax, Cat5, fiber optic... what wires will make your home future-proof?
August 29, 2013 by EH Staff

A reader recently asked Electronic House for some advice on wiring a new home for audio/video and control. To help this reader, we enlisted the expertise of Joshua Trujillo, Director of Residential Sales and Design for Logic Integration in Lone Tree Colorado.

Q: I’m having a new house built. What wires for control and audio/video should I have run to each room?

A: Congratulations on building a new home! This is one of the most exciting experiences we can have, and if you’re like me, you want every product and feature to be high quality, low cost and installed quickly. Residential audio/video (AV) technologies and products are always improving in quality and lowering in cost. As a result, this area is growing in importance for consumers and integration companies.

My first recommendation is to meet with a qualified, experienced AV consultant during the planning phases. This person will take a look at your blue prints and talk you through the necessary solutions for wiring your home. A true pro will listen to your vision, provide feedback and work their hardest to meet your expectations. 

Of course, there are many questions to be asked about wiring, like “will this be a centralized automation system or a localized system?” The technician will be able to answer each technical question and build a detailed wiring plan.

The wiring will be slightly different for each new home built, but there are several standards that you will likely incorporate into your house. You will need Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cabling, 16/2 speaker wire (can be costly, shop around). Also, coaxial cabling should run throughout the house. It’s also essential nowadays to install electrical conduit, which will ensure that you’ll be able to run the necessary wiring for new technological products that are release in the future. Good luck with your new home!

Director of Residential Sales & Design, Joshua Trujillo has over 15 years of experience in both pro audio and whole house automation. Joshua started at Logic Integration in 2004 and has assisted the company in the many years of success along with being awarded the CEDIA 2007 “Contractor of the Year Award.” Joshua has years of field experience leading projects in both commercial and residential systems. Joshua moved into sales in December 2011. With years of experience in the industry’s leading technologies, Joshua Trujillo strives to provide consultation and designs that bring the house amazing yet simple technology.

Check out this fun Logic Integration project in an old missile silo.

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