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Vudu Box Now $99; No Extra for Movie Credits
Vudu's current promotion slashes its overall price -- $99 for the box, with no extra costs of prepaid movie credits as its previous deal required.
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Vudu’s Movie Player runs $99 without any movie credit requirements now, while it’s on sale
January 05, 2009 by Arlen Schweiger

Oh that Vudu that they do so well. This time Vudu has kept its price lowered—with no strings attached for the New Year.

We’re not sure when this deal is going to end, but Vudu is still advertising its Christmas sale—with its Vudu movie player box price cut from $299 to the much more palatable $99 (in Roku territory). But unlike a couple of weeks ago, when the sale also required that you purchase $50 in movie credits, to effectively make the deal $149 total, it appears Vudu has ditched the movie credits and is just letting you get the box on sale.

Hey, we’ll take it. Vudu’s got 13,000-plus titles to choose from in movies and TV built-in to its system, including a count that it says now stands at 1,300 high-definition choices with its beautiful HDX 1080p imagery.

You can also tap into web content such as YouTube, on-demand IPTV, Flickr and Google Picasa for movies, TV and photos through the “Vudu Labs” options on the box.

Also as part of Vudu’s sale promotion, the wireless kit has remained at half price, so you can still plunk down $49 to add that nifty accessory.

Via: Engadget HD

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