Video Wall Is a Quadruple Sports Threat
Professional electronics installer Jay Cobb rigged a video wall composed of four Panasonic plasmas that can show four separate broadcasts or one unified image.
All eyes are on Jay Cobb’s video wall during busy NFL Sundays. Credit: Otto Marketing
December 29, 2008 by Rebecca Day

There’s no question where Jay Cobb’s friends go for Sunday afternoon football: to the game room of his Northern California home, where they can rack them up or down a few while taking in the week’s four top NFL games.

Cobb uses the four-part display—along with the home’s Control4 home automation system—as a living showroom for his Fresno-based Hi-Tech Home installation business.

The four-quadrant TV is fast becoming a trademark of the Hi-Tech portfolio, and it makes for any easy sell to prospective clients—especially sports fans, when they can see four sports events at once on dedicated 42-inch TVs.

Cobb used four 42-inch Panasonic pro-grade plasma TVs for the video wall, which can be converted into a single 84-inch display for movies or a major sporting event like the Super Bowl.

He taps one Control4 button on the wall, and each TV tunes to a different station from the DirecTV receivers. Audio corresponds to the TV in the upper left quadrant when there’s different programming on all four TVs.

A second button, labeled MERGE, reformats the TVs to show a unified image (Cobb went with pro-grade monitors because they make for a more seamless combined image), and the third button reverts the video back to independent images.

What do his friends think about their buddy’s showroom? “They cruise in and shoot pool, have a beer and watch four games of football,” Cobb says. “It’s their dream room.”

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