Ultimate Accessories for Your Home Theater
Posters, marquees, and even life-size statues...sometimes it's these "little" touches that make the home theater experience so much fun.
Ultimate Accessories for Your Home Theater
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June 06, 2008 by Marshal Rosenthal

Love your home theater? But does it compare to the real thing? For a home theater to beat a genuine movie theater, it needs more than high definition, widescreen action. I’m talking about accessories. So as the saying goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. By spending some time and money, you can bring that genuine movie theater flavor (more than just popcorn) into your home.

Signs & Posters
Every movie theater has impressive signage. Proclaim your theater to the world with a “cinema” sign. Mounted to the wall, there’s no way anyone can ignore the rear illumination and chasing lights. But if subtlety ain’t your thing - have a sign custom made with your name. If signs are too bold or expensive for your tastes, a poster and wall case works just as well.

Ticket Booth
Now you can’t just walk into a movie theater - you have to buy a ticket first. Your home theater shouldn’t be any different, so impress guests by having them queue up to a Ticket Booth. Standing up to 7 feet tall (square or angled design with a variety of wood grain finished to suit any decor), it’s wide enough to house one person - who can decide what to charge for the night’s entertainment. Go one step further by adding velour rope held up by two portable posts - again in a number of optional finishes to match.

Life-sized Statues
Why not invite your favorite action hero? Full-size mannequins of the Terminator or Jack Sparrow are not only great conversation pieces, but they’ll also keep you company when you’re alone. For anyone who can’t afford the $8,000 price-tag, there’s always the cardboard cut-out.

Doors & Columns
Those lucky souls with a dedicated room can separate the theater from the rest of their home with a theater door. Not only does this swinging hardwood door provide for a quick entrance, but you can easily look through its porthole. And as people enter, blow everyone away with custom-built home theater columns bracing the walls. They typically come 6 or 12-in. deep, are made of wood (choices include painted, custom coated or wood veneer finish) and have a fabric door option that allows for placement of speakers inside of the column. Additionally, this fabric can be matched to acoustic panels, fabric walls and ceilings. They come in a number of designs and include package prices so that each corner of the room can get this treatment.

Flooring & Seats
Theatrical rugs can dot the floor (with designs such as Comedy/Tragedy Mask, Hollywood Star and Admit One Ticket), or carpeting can cover the entire floor. Then present your guests (or yourself) with comfortable seating such as the Tristar Lounger with its chrome feet, curved style and built-in cup holder (also available in rows of 2 and 3). Another option is the two-seater Elite Home Theater Seating Cuddle Couch with a cup holder at each end.

Who’s hungry? Before the movie begins, make sure everyone hits your concession stand. You can’t go wrong with a wall-mounted, illuminated candy case. Make sure there is room for an old fashioned kettle popcorn maker. Whether you choose the miniature or full-size popper, the stainless steel kettle uses hot oil to pop those kernels. For those with more carnivorous tastes, another mobile offering comes from the New York Hot Dog Vendor Cart. This propane fueled cart steams and holds up to 60 hot dogs! There is also a top loaded ice cooler for drinks, storage shelves and a removable umbrella with steel pole. And to wash down all those dogs, you can grab a soda from the Coke Soda Machine. Featuring a commercial quality, high gloss powder coat finish, the refrigeration unit chills up to 64 12-ounce cans of soda.

Not everyone can afford all of these accessories, but by adding just a few, you’ll be able to bring that vintage movie theater experience into your home.

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