Tru3D Converts 3D for Samsung DLP TVs
A $289 kit allows Samsung DLP 3D-ready TVs to receive technology support for more than PC content.
August 02, 2010 by Rachel Cericola

Samsung 3D DLP owners can breathe a huge sigh of relief. A new company is planning an inexpensive way to allow those viewers to get more 3D content.

In case you didn’t know, current Samsung DLP 3D TVs can only do 3D PC content. Until now, it seemed like owners were going to be out of luck if they were interested in adding more into that mix. However, according to Gary Merson at HDGuru, a company called Tru3D has released a kit that will allow all of those DLP 3D TV owners to play 3D satellite, cable and Blu-ray. Isn’t that the way it should be?

Like Mitsubishi’s 3D DLPs, Samsung’s DLP models use the “checkerboard” format. While Mitsubishi does have a converter kit available to customers, Samsung does not.

Enter Tru3D. The company’s $289.99 kit includes a Mitsubishi 3DA-1 adapter and an EDID “spoofer,” which fools the converter into thinking it’s connected to a Mitsubishi TV. Kind of cool, right? It also has all of the cables you’ll need, but you’re on your own when it comes to getting 3D glasses.

According to Tru3D, the kit will work with the following Samsung 3D DLP HDTVs:

  • Samsung 50-inch HL-T5076S 1080p DLP
  • Samsung 50-inch HL-T5087S 1080p LED DLP
  • Samsung 50-inch HL-T5089S 1080p LED DLP
  • Samsung 50-inch HL50A650 1080p DLP
  • Samsung 56-inch HL-T5676S 1080p DLP
  • Samsung 56-inch HL-T5687S 1080p LED DLP
  • Samsung 56-inch HL-T5689S 1080p LED DLP
  • Samsung 56-inch HL56A650 1080p DLP
  • Samsung 61-inch HL-T6176S 1080p DLP
  • Samsung 61-inch HL-T6187S 1080p LED DLP
  • Samsung 61-inch HL-T6189S 1080p LED DLP
  • Samsung 61-inch HL61A650 1080p DLP
  • Samsung 61-inch HL61A750 1080p LED DLP
  • Samsung 67-inch HL67A750 1080p LED DLP
  • Samsung 72-inch HL72A650 1080p DLP
  • Samsung 72-inch HL-T7288W 1080p DLP

The Tru3D site says that the 3D TV Adapter KIT for Samsung DLP 3D Ready HDTV has been delayed “due to unforeseen manufacturer delays.” However, the company is taking orders and should be shipping kits starting in early August.


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