Trendsetting Part 2 - Let the Integration Continue
Xantech recently announced integration of their MRC88 A/V Matrix Controller with two of HAI’s control systems.
November 14, 2007 by Ben Hardy

Why just the other day I was talking about trendsetting and the integration of media distribution products and home control products into a packaged solution. And here we have another example of this popular practice in the industry. This time it’s Xantech and HAI coming together in technological harmony. Xantech will integrate its MRC88 A/V Matrix Controller with HAI’s OmniPro II and LuminaPro Home Control Systems, uniting a home’s audio distribution and home control.

With integration in place, the homeowner can control the Xantech-powered home audio distribution system using an OmniPro Touchscreen, adjusting volume, audio sources, and designating zone distribution. Users will also be able to incorporate the audio system into the setting of “scenes,” which typically include lighting, HVAC, and security adjustments.

This is just one more partnering of a home control company with an A/V company in what is a continuing trend in the home automation industry. Moves like this make total home automation more accessible to the consumer, and make economic sense for the companies involved, as they can stick to doing what they do best.

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Ben Hardy - Contributing Writer
Between watching re-runs of the The Jetsons and convincing his Insteon and Z-Wave controls to get along, Ben Hardy is immersed in the world of home automation, home control, and home networking.

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