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Design Tip: Transparent Wiring
Transparent fiber optic cable is the latest option for anyone trying to hide cables.
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August 27, 2008 by Lisa Montgomery

In the past we’ve seen wiring routed behind baseboards and around moldings in lieu of having to bore into the walls. These solutions are a great way to hide cabling the cabling that connects a TV to a rack of A/V components. Now OWLink believes it has come up with another solution: transparent fiber optic cabling. The fiber optic cabling itself is made of a strand of glass just 0.9 millimeters in diameter. A clear, plastic covering protects the fiber and makes it nearly invisible to the naked eye, which means it can be mounted to the surface of a wall, routed around a fireplace mantel and run along the baseboards for an easy installation. The cabling is so small, it can even be tucked into a groove cut into the drywall with an X-Acto knife, says David Hochenedel, OWLink business development manager. “You can paint or drywall right over it,” he adds. “Or, I have it mounted right to the wall in my office, and nobody every notices it.”

Two models of the transparent fiber optic cabling are available: the FO2800 for connecting a Blu-ray player or set-top box to a flat-panel TV; and the FO2850 for connecting a PC to a TV. Each kit comes with 100 feet of fiber and sells for $599 and $799, respectively.

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