Trak Kit, Artcoustic Demo Decor-Friendly Mount & Speaker
Glide your TV to any spot in the room with this flat-panel mounting system.
Prices start at $5,000 for a manual 10-foot Trak Kit system.
October 23, 2008 by Rebecca Day

Like all Artcoustic speakers, SuperStar is offered with custom grilles. Consumers can choose from Artcoustic’s catalog of 1,500 images or they can provide their own content. In addition, you can purchase an image from the Corbis catalog of professional photography.

Frames for the Artcoustic speaker are available in black, silver or white. Retail price for the speakers is $2,995-$3,495. Toss in another $600 for artwork.

D-Box also put on convincing demos of its Motion Code system at the mini expo. Using clips from animated movies, the demo showed the synchronization between select movie scenes and the motion controller used to trigger movement in D-Box motion platforms placed beneath theater seats. A freefall roller coaster drop in “Polar Express” produced a shaking sensation. Clips from “Happy Feet” brought out bumps and thumps.

“When you add motion, you bring a whole other dimension to the movie experience,” according to Michel Paquette, D-Box’s North American sales director. He noted that a popular misconception is that motion cues are a constant running through the course of a movie. Instead, a typical D-Box-encoded movie contains 15-20 minutes of motion cues. “We only add motion when it’s justified,” according to Paquette.

Currently, about 900 movies from Disney, Sony, Lion’s Gate and Fox are encoded with D-Box motion tracks. You can see if a movie has D-Box encoding by locating the logo on the back of the jewel case along with other brands such as Dolby and dts.

The next frontier? Video games. The challenge for engineers with video games is that action takes place in real time. Look for D-Box video game announcements at CES. Paquette says the company is working very hard on content from Xbox, PS3 and Wii. “Hopefully next year we’ll have titles,” he says.

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