Toshiba Offers 320GB External Hard Drive
Company enters 1.8-inch external HDD market, and sets 2.5-inch bar high with sizes starting at 160GB.
Toshiba just announced a slew of external drives ranging from 60 to 320GB.
January 07, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

I have tons of those little USB hard drives lying around. I use them for work, photos, and when I travel. For some reason, I can’t get rid of them and they seem to be multiplying. It stinks to have to sort though them to figure out what files are on which USB drive (yes, I am organized!). Like my remote, it would be nice to combine all of the little ones into one massive universal hard drive.

Now Toshiba is tempting me to throw out all of those little drives that I’ve become so dependent on.

The company just entered the 1.8-inch external HDD market, and they aren’t wasting their time with tiny storage capacities.

The 1.8 HDDs range from 60 to 120GB. However, it’s the 2.5-inch models that really pack ‘em in. Those models start at 160GB, and max out at a whopping 320GB. Guess you can take it with you—at least most of it. Toshiba says that averages out to about 91,000 digital photos, 84,000 MP3 music files, 142 hours of DVD or 37 hours of high-def video.

The 1.8-inch drives will be available starting this spring; the 320GB monster drive can be had this month for $199.99.

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