Toshiba Launches HD DVD Fire Sale
The company is slashing prices and launching a marketing campaign -- but is it too little, too late?
hd dvd fire sale
Toshiba is launching an initiative to save and boost its flailing format.
January 14, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Looks like Toshiba doesn’t want to go down without a fight—or at least with a warehouse full of HD DVD hardware. In a last-ditch effort to save its high-def format, the manufacturer has launched a players-at-cheap-prices initiative.

The company just announced a marketing campaign that will include advertising HD DVD benefits and cheap hardware prices.

The entry model HD-A3 will run $150, the HD-A30 will cost $200, and the higher end HD-A35 will be priced at $300. The prices are good, but not exactly Walmart’s $99 sale that triggered the high-def holiday season.

“While price is one of the consideration elements for the early adopter, it is a deal-breaker for the mainstream consumer,” said Yoshi Uchiyama, Group Vice President Digital A/V Group. “Consumer sales this holiday season have proven that the consumer awareness of the HD DVD format has been elevated and pricing is the most critical determinant in consumer’s purchase decision of the next generation HD DVD technology.  The value HD DVD provides to the consumer simply cannot be ignored.”

That makes sense, but will consumers buy into a potentially dying format? Will the amount of high-def movies reign over cheaper player prices? Or do most not even know the format war has been waging?

We shall see when the new pricing kicks off on January 13.

Read the Entire Press Release Here.

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