Top 50 Blu-ray Releases of 2009
Our favorite Blu-ray movies from each week in 2009.
Restoring a 70-year-old movie like The Wizard of Oz showed off Blu-ray’s capabilities.
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December 24, 2009 by EH Staff

It’s safe to say that 2009 has been the year Blu-ray finally gained mainstream momentum.

Disc player prices have been on the decline, while feature sets — including streaming capabilities — are on the rise. Disc prices also seem to be more palatable, or at least there always appear to be decent deals, especially on new releases.

So while you’re beginning to amass your Blu-ray disc collection, we wanted to help give you a start. But where do you begin? We decided to present our Blu-ray releases of the year by beginning at the beginning, of the year that is.

It may be a tad discriminating, but we took a week-by-week basis for looking back at the Blu-ray releases for 2009, and selected our favorite for each week. (Yes, we know there are 52 weeks in a year. There were two weeks that just didn’t have anything good.)

This still oughta be plenty for you to peruse and choose from, whether you’re seeking movies that you haven’t seen, may have missed, searching for sweet demo material, or are bumping up from DVD to high-def.

As usual, we welcome your comments and additions. Our picks are in order by release date, with synopses help from

Click here for our Top 50 Blu-ray Releases of 2009.

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