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Thirsty Light Saves Plant Life
Trident Design's gadget eliminates the guesswork to make your thumb green.
The Thirsty Light features a blinking LED to alert the user when the soil is dry and the plant is thirsty.
January 07, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

I’ve given up on owning houseplants. I just can’t bare to take another little green life. I might be willing to give it one more shot with something like Trident Design‘s Thirsty Light Digital.

It’s a goofy little device designed to take the guesswork out of having a green thumb. The sensor monitors moisture levels of your plant soil, and gives off a big old blinking light when the well is dry. The dryer it gets, the faster it blinks—and if you listen very carefully, you can hear the screams of your plants (maybe audio is something Trident could add into future versions).

Considering all of the plants I’ve replaced over the years, the $10 price tag is a drop in the bucket.

The Thirsty Light Digital will be available online later this month, with retail versions coming soon.

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