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The Wall is the Speaker with Aeria Sound Environments
A technology that was developed for World War II is the secret behind creating new invisible speakers for the home. Callum Fitzpatrick reports.
June 14, 2011 by EH Staff

Invisible speakers have been available in some fashion for a number of years; however this usually involves embedding a speaker into a wall which can limit its range of movement – resulting in an uneven distribution of sound within a room, causing unwanted hot and cold spots.

Aeria Sound Environments has aimed to combat this problem by not merely implanting a speaker into the wall, but instead turning the wall itself into a large omni-directional speaker, completely removing any grille from sight and eradicating the need to compromise the aesthetics of a room.

At the heart of the technology is a transducer that produces sound by resonating a material – in this instance a wall. The transducer directs sonic energy into the wall which acts as a carrier for the energy, passing it into the air, resulting in a sound that completely fills the room with a consistent volume level.

Read the full article at Connected Home.

Original article by Callum Fitzpatrick of Connected Home.

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