The Temple of Boom
A few torches, an idol and a little technology helped whip this Indiana Jones-themed room into theater quality.
Prop replicas from the Indiana Jones movies are found throughout this home theater.
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October 08, 2007 by Rachel Cericola

You may have to shield your eyes from the ark, but this theater won’t melt your face—at least not in a bad way.

About two years ago, Larry and Colleen Halliday were looking to add a little excitement to their home theater. They made a deal with installer Doug Charrois, who then called in the doctor—Dr. Indiana Jones.

To many in the audiophile crowd, the Halliday’s equipment list wouldn’t be as coveted as the ark itself. The couple is more than satisfied though. It’s got much better acoustics than the Well of Souls, and hey—it’s all about the ambience.

“Larry saw the torches in a store and came up with the idea it would be cool to have a theme of Indiana Jones in the theater they were going to build in their up-and-coming new home,” says Charrois, who was up for the design challenge.

And challenge it was. Much like Indiana, Charrois worked solo at the time of the installation, going by the company name Jade Security. “I found them,” he says. “Working on my own, I would have to drum up my own business driving around new construction areas. Once I found a good size home going up, then it would be my sparkling personality that would take over.”

Charrois may not be as suave as Indiana, but in six short weeks he did all of the design and construction that would bring this theme theater to life.

Enter the 18-by-12-foot theater and you’ll see a familiar face: the Nazi-loving monkey from the original “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Guess the dates weren’t so bad after all, eh? Look up towards the top of the room, and it’s like entering a cave with the top worn out to expose the sky. Next to the door, there is a small equipment room, which also includes wiring for intercom, security, networking and sound.

There’s no giant ark to double as a bar—not that it wasn’t a thought. “[Larry] really wanted to find a full size replica of the ark and have it open and spew lots of smoke and lightning,” Charrois says. “Kind of impossible to do, and slightly no room for it.”

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