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Terra Upgrades AC and LS Outdoor Speakers
The new offerings include upgraded, higher-output transformers.
July 16, 2014 by Rachel Cericola

Having an outdoor speaker setup is great for when you want a little music on the patio or by the pool. However, can these speakers really rock the great outdoors? If not, Terra has a few new options for you.

The company recently announced plans to modify its AC Series and LS Series of outdoor speakers. Apparently, most outdoor speakers are offered in 70-volt models, but these new additions will offer upgraded, higher-output transformers. The end result promises to double the settings available on previous units, pump up the volume of your outdoor setup, and have it actually sound good.

The AC Series includes a total of four models: the compact AC.15e, the middle AC.16e model, the top-of-the-line AC.17e, and the AC.SUBe subwoofer. Each one has the all-climate UniCavity, designed to withstand continuous exposure to the elements. Other features include Terra’s Location Balance Sound and a universal mounting bracket. The LS Series is slightly smaller, with just two models: the LS.10 and the LS.32. Both are part of the LuminSound Series, which means that each one packs in a light bulb so that sound option can double as path and/or landscape lighting.

In addition to the transformers promising better bass, each of the upgraded speakers has an 8-ohm bypass switch position for use in non-70-volt applications and a weather-sealed enclosure.

“Beyond increased output capability, these new transformers deliver enhanced sound as well. They are specifically designed to address the ‘Achilles heel’ of typical transformer-based 70-volt systems where poor bass performance and increased distortion can result from mediocre transformer design and transformer core saturation,” said James Banfield, president of Terra. “These new, high performance transformers are ideal partners to Terra’s superior loudspeaker drivers and crossover networks.”

Terra is selling the upgraded versions of the AC and LS Series now.

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