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Tech Bargains Coming to an End?
There's evidence retailers may stop discounting laptops, TVs, and other consumer electronics items.
Wal-Mart Black Friday
March 18, 2009 by Chuck McKenney

What’s that saying - All good things must come to an end? In this case the “good” refers to lower prices on consumer electronics. (After opening my most recent 401K statement, I want to know when all “bad” things will come to an end.)

Right now, weak demand is forcing retailers to keep prices down. The CEA says consumer electronics sales will slip this year. According to, prices on laptop computers, flat-panel TVs, and GPS are on the decline.

But a new article in BusinessWeek says the party might be over:

But there are signs that the pace of price declines may slow in the coming months. Serial price slasher Circuit City has closed its doors, reducing pricing pressure on other retailers. Demand is expected to rebound in the second half, and component prices are starting to rise.

There’s more evidence in the prices of new products:

This year, the Consumer Electronics Assn. expects prices of MP3 players to climb to $128, from $126 in 2008, in large part due to price moves by Apple (AAPL).

On Mar. 11, the electronics maker (Apple) introduced its new iPod shuffle for $79. The earlier iteration of the shuffle sold for less than $50. Analysts expect Apple to release a larger iPod Touch this year as well. As more gadgets are introduced in the second half of 2009 in time for the holidays, price declines may reverse course.

There you have it. If you have your eyes on a certain gadget, buy now. If you have the cash, that is.

For help finding deals, check out “5 Sites for Finding the Best Gadget Deals.

Via: BusinessWeek

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