Swim with RocketFish and Fire Up Wireless Surround Speakers for $99
The RocketFish Wireless Rear Speaker Kit allows you to wirelessly connect your surround speakers and save on those long wire runs.
rocketfish kit
The receiver (top) and sender comprise RocketFish’s Wireless Rear Speaker Kit
November 15, 2007 by Arlen Schweiger

If you don’t have a professional installer, or your media room just makes it difficult to wire up those surround speakers on the opposite end of the entertainment cabinet, here’s one highly affordable method that could solve your problems. The RocketFish Wireless Rear Speaker Kit, which incorporates wireless technology from Avnera Corp.

The folks at Avnera shipped us a unit to try out here in our office, where all the interference makes wireless transmission less than stellar in some areas. Set up was easy and the signal came through loud and clear, however.

Basically, all you have to do is hook up the AC powered receiver unit to your right and left surround speakers. Connect the sender unit to your amplifier or receiver, making sure the wires are terminated at the appropriate ends on both the receiver and in the speakers.

Fire up the receiver and sender units—you’ll see the blinking LED indicator—and voila, that’s pretty much it. The receiver features a volume control as well for your rear speakers. No more wires running under or stapled onto your carpet, or winding like snakes on your walls.

After a few minutes to set it up, we were enjoying the silky sounds of another editor’s Diana Krall disc (us having left Black Sabbath at home) in crisp fashion. And you only have to plunk down $99 for the RocketFish unit at your local Best Buy.

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