Study: IPTV to Hit 20 Million Subscribers in ‘08
Research from Gartner forecasts IPTV subscriptions to reach 19.6 million subscribers worldwide in 2008 -- a 64 percent increase from 2007 -- with revenues of $4.5 billion.
iptv joost
Joost is among the popular IPTV choices out there
September 26, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

Are you watching more TV on your actual television, or on your PC these days? Love Hulu, Joost and other IPTV providers?

You’re not the only one. Worldwide, IPTV subscriptions are soaring, according to the latest numbers from research firm Gartner. Global subscriptions to IPTV services are on a pace to hit close to 20 million (19.6 million was the prediction) in 2008, which would be a 64 percent increase over last year.

That would also boost forecast revenue up to $4.5 billion, a 93.5 percent jump.

An increase in players to this market, as well as the social network sites and broadcast stations’ video offerings has factored into the equation more this year. It’s incredibly easy to find videos and search specifically for TV shows you missed out on.

Western Europeans seem very happy with IPTV, with about 8.2 million subscribers in 2008, notes CE Pro. North America has the largest revenue chunk, though, at around $2 billion for the IPTV market.

Hey, if you’re unhappy with your cable or satellite service and aren’t too worried about receiving high-def programming, you could sit back with basic cable or just go with over-the-air, and still watch plenty of TV thanks to the Internet. Just depends on your tastes and what quality of video you like. I know at least one person here in the office who doesn’t have cable, but was pretty quick to adopt Joost.

Via: Reuters

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