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Study Finds One in Three Copy DVDs
About one in three people admitted to copying DVDs in the last six months, according to a new Futuresource Consulting survey.
dvd piracy
DVD piracy has increased since last year, according to a new study.
July 09, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

Did you make that copy of those Netflix movies you borrowed yet? Who me? Yeah, probably, according to recent report by the Consumer Home Piracy Research Findings.

The second annual report, prepared by Futuresource Consulting and sponsored by Macrovision, details that about one third of all respondents in the United States and U.K. (with a combined sample size of more than 5,600) said they’d made copies of pre-recorded DVDs in the last six months. That’s up from a little over a quarter in 2007.

Surprisingly enough, the demographic most likely to be copiers are 18-24-year-old males, who live in dorms or their parents’ basements (OK, that last part wasn’t in the report).

While the majority of the copied content in the U.S. and U.K. (62% and 49%, respectively) is legitimately owned purchased DVD, 38% in the U.S. and 30% in the U.K. is from copying rented movies of the new release variety. The numbers dip a little on the older catalog titles, with 30% in the U.S. and just 12% in the U.K. for rented flicks (58% and 54%, respectively, of copied purchased catalog titles).

In the last sixth months, those surveyed said they copied about 12 and 13 DVDs, respectively, in the U.S. and U.K.

So how many DVDs do you copy? And what method do you use?

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Arlen Schweiger - Contributor, Electronic House Magazine
Arlen writes about home technology installations and product news and reviews for electronichouse.com and Electronic House magazine.

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