Streaming Music Prize Fight: Spotify vs Rhapsody
Spotify takes on Rhapsody and the winner is?
February 24, 2012 by EH Staff

Who emerged victorious? The audiophile in me didn’t make the choice easy, considering Spotify’s certain (on some songs) but barely discernible sound quality advantage over Rhapsody. I attempted to jump on the Spotify bandwagon mere moments after its U.S. release. A day later, I jumped right back off. The reason: I use my PC music player daily; it’s the soundtrack to my workday. Rhapsody’s relevant music selection, its simple learning curve, its superior control and personalization, its enormous variety of commercial-free radio, its miles-ahead lead in ease-of-use and intuitive-ness —all make collecting and listening to music as I work ajoy and abreeze. The phenomenal Sonos Rhapsody app is icing on the cake. Someday, maybe Rhapsody will add to this a prettier, easier-to-read, more modern PC interface — and one for the Mac, too. Until then, I have all those awesome jams. So I have that going for me.’‘

Charles Thompson, via his company Sell-Through Solutions, creates retail training programs for several consumer electronics manufacturers, including Sony, Yamaha and DirecTV. He began his career in high-end audio, working in retail and management for 10 years at Home Entertainment Inc. in Houston, Texas.

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