Streaming Music Prize Fight: Spotify vs Rhapsody
Spotify takes on Rhapsody and the winner is?
February 24, 2012 by EH Staff

Radio Stations
Both services feature “artist radio.” If you like an artist, select artist radio to hear more songs by that artist, plus songs by similar artists. Think of it as a poor man’s Pandora, somewhere in the neighborhood conceptually, but nowhere near as good.

For true commercial-free genre radio stations, Rhapsody is king. If you’re in the mood for some rock, blues, soul, Latin, country, jazz, or 13 other genres, click the RADIO tab and go. Each of the 19 genres reveals an average of around a dozen subgenres, giving Rhapsody a total of more than 200 stations. If that’s not enough segmentation and personalization for you, you can didc CREATE CUSTOM CHANNEL, enter up to 10 artist names to give Rhapsody an idea of where you’re going, and let it play. Regardless of what type of Rhapsody radio station you’re listening to, a mini-bio about the current artist scrolls at the top right of your screen, helping you to learn more about your favorite artists—or new artists.

In contrast to Rhapsody’s 200-plus stations, Spotify Radio sports 27 genre/ subgenre radio stations, including the curiously titled “black metal.” No worries, though—hardcore, death metal, and heavy metal are also represented, leaving a full 23 non-metal radio station types to choose from. Remarkably, Spotify, a far more global brand than Rhapsody, offers no world music station, whereas Rhapsody allows you to choose from 11 different regional stations under their world music banner.

Either service’s radio feature is a great way to discover new artists in your favorite genres. Best of all, if you don’t like the current song, click the FORWARD button to play another. It’s radio with choices.

Radio Station Winner: Rhapsody

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