Streaming Music Prize Fight: Spotify vs Rhapsody
Spotify takes on Rhapsody and the winner is?
February 24, 2012 by EH Staff

Queue/Now Playing
With both services, you can add songs you want to play right now to the queue (their name for a Now Playing list) by dragging and dropping songs you’ve found, or songs from your library. With Rhapsody, you can also click the PLAY NOW button next to each song or album. In Rhapsody’s Preferences, you can decide whether the PLAY NOW button immediately plays the song/album, or simply puts it into the queue for you to play at your convenience.

Spotify doesn’t feature a PLAY NOW button. You have to right-click a song, then click ADD TO QUEUE. For an album, you CTRL-A to select all the songs, then right-click, then click ADD TO QUEUE. What a hassle. Inexplicably, when you find a song during a search, Spotify adds every version of that song to your queue, whether you want it or not. Soon, your queue is cluttered with all kinds of stuff you don’t want, and there’s no way to get the unwanted songs out. The only way to clear Spotify’s queue is to close and reopen the app. The queue always opens empty.

With Rhapsody, the only songs in your queue are songs you want there. And to clear the queue, you simply did

< the CLEAR button. You can delete any song from the queue with your keyboard's DELETE key. And songs in the queue stay there if you close and reopen Rhapsody, so all your desired music of the moment is ready until you say otherwise.

Queue/Now Playing Winner:



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