Streaming Music Prize Fight: Spotify vs Rhapsody
Spotify takes on Rhapsody and the winner is?
February 24, 2012 by EH Staff

Building a Music Library
Both services sport a library, a place to hold every song/album you save. Their libraries can also scan your computer for your own music files, and put those in the library as well. Rhapsody has a metadata panel that tells you which is which, including the bit rates of the various music files you’ve ripped or purchased.

While both services are streaming-first, they both allow you to download tracks to your computer’s hard drive as well, ideal for travelers.

To add a song or a whole album to your computer’s personal Rhapsody library, just didc the ADD TO LIBRARY button next to the song/ album. Done.

Adding songs/albums isn’t so easy with Spotify. You need to “star” the song. Click a yellow star next to the song, and it’s added to your library. It’s also inexplicably added to a “starred” group directly below the library. You don’t get to “star” a whole album with a click. You have to individually click stars for each song, or CTRL-A the album to select all songs, then right-click, then “star” them. As I considered populating Spotify with the 15,996 tracks I had saved in my Rhapsody library, the task loomed before me as a monumental pain in the ###. I quickly gave up on that idea, but managing even the most modest library in Spotify was a maddening, head-scratching exercise.

Music Library Winner: Rhapsody

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