SoundPads Give You Stick-On Stereo Sound
The stick-on SoundPads from Sonic Impact are designed to turn a thin-walled high-transmission surface into a noisemaker, for only $18 a pair.
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Sonic Impact SoundPads
July 31, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

These have to rank among the smallest “speakers” we’ve seen. The Sonic Impact SoundPads are designed to give you “stereo speakers” from any thin-walled high-transmission surface—you simply stick ‘em on and hook ‘em up.

Are we leery of whatever sound quality these 6-watt circular speaker pads can provide? Of course. Do we love little gadgets that give us yet another way to receive audio? Of course.

You can use these two stick-on SoundPads on doors, bookcases, posters, frames, boxes and more and wire them to almost any amplifier, according to ThinkGeek, where a pair can be had for $17.99.

ThinkGeek says they “make most surfaces thump with sound”—we’re not sure which ones won’t thump, but for 18 bucks it could be fun to try out.

They measure 4.2 inches in diameter, if you were wondering, and it’s recommended that you do a bit of trial and error on the surface to see where the SoundPad sounds best before giving it the permanent stick on.

Via: Ubergizmo

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