SoundClip Amps Your iPhone Audio for $8
The SoundClip from Ten One Design is an itty-bitty $7.95 device that can boost audio on your iPhone 3G by 10 dB.
soundclip iphone
Ten One Design’s SoundClip attaches to the iPhone 3G
February 19, 2009 by Arlen Schweiger

Wanna improve the sound on your iPhone 3G for the cost of seven iTunes songs?

Ten One Design has designed its SoundClip device the works specifically with the iPhone 3G, and amplifies the audio 10 dB between the 6 kHz and 20 kHz frequencies. And it only goes for $7.95.

The company says the product works mainly by directing all of those sound waves that are being scattered away from you back toward your ears, in combination with fiddling with the resonance chamber. It says the result is more audible, flatter, natural sound.

Also, with all of those gaming and DJ apps out there for iPhone 3G, you don’t have to worry about blocking the sound with your hand while you hold and maneuver the phone in landscape mode.

SoundClip attaches to the phone through the dock connector, and when you want to charge the iPhone you can just grip the device to the cord. As a bonus, it’ll keep the dust and lint out of your phone’s docking port.

soundclip graph

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