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Some Couples Lacking Cell Phone Etiquette
Cell phones key in maintaining communication in relationships, but new study reveals plenty of faux pas.
February 12, 2009 by Lisa Montgomery

Whispering sweet nothings into your honey’s ear over the cell phone is an easy, affordable way to express your love on Valentine’s Day, but some people simply lack proper communications etiquette.

According to a survey by Kelton Research on behalf of voice-to-content messaging provider SpinVox, the biggest communication faux pas is expecting your honey to always answer when you call and returning a call before listening to a voicemail that was left.

Other problem areas include:

  • Getting upset that your call wasn’t returned fast enough
  • Calling your sweetie too often
  • Texting somebody else when you’re with your significant other

Parents, in particular, have to work harder to keep the fires of romance burning. The research revealed that people with kids are almost twice as prone to have bad cell phone etiquette.

More parents than non-parents report their partner:

  • Expected them to always answer when they’re calling (40% vs. 22%)
  • Returned their call before listening to the message (35% vs. 22%)
  • Didn’t pick up the phone when he or she knew they were calling (30% vs. 19%)

So how did men compare to women? Breathe easy, guys. Cell phone behaviors were consistent across both sexes.


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Lisa Montgomery - Contributing Writer
Lisa Montgomery has been writing about home technology for 15 years, with a focus on the impact of electronics on a modern lifestyle.

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