SlingPlayer Update Adds Video Out Option
The latest version of SlingPlayer Mobile allows iPhone and iPad users to connect to a TV.
February 25, 2011 by Rachel Cericola

Sling Media has upgraded its SlingPlayer Mobile app. However, instead of adding another on-screen option, this tweak takes the app to a larger screen—via a component cable.

According to iPhone FAQ, version 2.1 adds that video out support on the iPhone 4 and iPad when streaming in HQ mode. It also fixes a few previous bugs.

The new video out option means that you can hook your device into any TV (with the correct connections) and view live and/or recorded TV from a DVR. Of course, that means you will also need a Slingbox at your home base. However, frequent travelers might appreciate the option to hook into hotel TVs around the globe.

The new and improved SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone and iPad is available now at the App Store for $29.99.

Editor’s Note: According to Skip Ferderber, reader and tech writer for, the upgrade actually only supports the iPhone 4. “It gets more confusing, Skip says. “The 2.1 iPhone app upgrades the 3GS, but Sling only supports the iPhone 4.0 on the video-out function. Will it work on with a 3GS? Sling support isn’t saying. If one DID want to run video-out from an iPhone 4, what cable would be used?  It appears it’s the $39.95 Apple Component AV cable: Apple serial on one end, and a 5-plug component plug set on the other.  It makes your phone compatible with a TV set equipped with red-blue-green component cable inputs and 2 audio plugs. (The cable also has a built-in USB charge cable to power the phone.)” Thanks Skip!

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