Slacker, SRS Making Audio Waves
Slacker steals the thunder and SRS battles Dolby for high-end enhancements.
Slacker G2 Personal Radio player
September 25, 2008 by Richard M. Sherwin

SRS, whose audio enhancement process is now featured on many elite audio components, is using a new version of its iWOW software plug-in for use with home speakers, MP3 players, iTunes and PCs to show-off its technology. The iWOW software (for Mac and PC) uses a similar DSP-type patented process to restore a high level of fidelity to audio files. The new software is designed to make music and videos that sound much more natural with full details i.e.: the better receivers and amplifiers and speakers. 

SRS iWOW plug-in provides full, 3D audio over any headphone, desktop, laptop or monitor speaker. As a complete new retail boxed product, iWOW offers a new user interface. The user interface provides the ability to personalize acoustic preferences with an array of music and video presets such as rock, classical, jazz, blues, country and more.

“The iWOW suite of products is yet another example of how SRS Labs is continually seeking to develop new ways for consumers to enjoy improved audio quality from their digitally compressed music and video files,” says Craig Marking, Director of Product Marketing for SRS Labs.  “As the number of listening options continues to grow, our research and product development is aimed at helping listeners experience an immersive, natural sound – without adding anything artificial – so consumers hear audio files the way they were meant to be heard.”

The SRS iWOW software package will be available next week; an iWOW adaptor for iPod will be available in November. The suggested retail prices are $79.95 and $99.95 respectively. 

At the same event, Digital entertainment services company RealNetworks unveiled RealDVD, the first mainstream PC “legal” application allowing consumers to easily save their DVDs to their hard drive. RealDVD saves DVDs to a PC or portable hard drive and allows users to watch them later without the need for the disks themselves. Unlike existing consumer applications on the market today, RealDVD is licensed DVD software that saves a secure copy of a DVD to the hard drive without removing or altering the CSS encryption.

“RealDVD gives consumers a great new way to get more out of their DVDs,” says Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO of RealNetworks. “RealDVD is ideal for those traveling for business or entertaining the kids on a long trip; it provides instant access to a variety of content without having to manage a physical disc. Laptop users will also appreciate improved battery life, as the disc drive is no longer needed for video playback. Saving DVDs to portable hard drives creates an easy to manage personal library that is great for travel. Content saved to portable drives can be played on up to five machines licensed to an individual user.”

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Richard M. Sherwin - Contributing Writer
Richard Sherwin is a former syndicated technology columnist and TV/Radio analyst, who has also been a marketing executive with IBM, Philips, NBC and a chief advisor to several manufacturers and service providers.

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