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Skunkworks Robotics Columns Give New Lift to Flat Screens
In the world of modern mounting solutions there are various lifts and motorized mounts and then there’s the robotic actuator column: a complete revolution in seamless mobility for flat screens.
January 14, 2008 by EH Staff

With greater demands on space and performance, our homes and offices are challenging places when it comes to IT and AV equipment. Every piece of equipment is expected to function better, quicker and to do it much more efficiently than ever before.

Skunkworks’ automated / robotic mounting solutions, which include the Trak-Kit system are the next generation in stylish AV accessories. Not only do they provide motorized (or manual) movement for flat screens, they open up endless possibilities for how room space is used and defined.

Flat screens can now be totally concealed using Skunkworks’ new actuator columns, called the FENICE range, that lift, lower or slide a screen into place. The end result is a room with better aesthetics as well as maximization of the available space. Large expanses of windows and walls no longer have to be filled with a full-time TV screen. The screen can emerge seamlessly from behind a painting, within a cabinet, a bench top or ceiling when required for viewing.

The Fenice range of linear actuators and control units represent a world-first in cost-effective automated motion systems. They add flexible, motorized movement to a variety of AV equipment, including flat screens, as well as other domestic and commercial devices, such as cameras and projectors. Flat surfaces and cabinetry, such as bench-tops, podiums and shelving units, can also be mobilised.

The Fenice is a slim-line, state of the art system that is highly adaptable.  Engineered to the same exacting specifications as all the Skunkworks mounting solutions, the Fenice range is designed to be operated manually or via a remote control. A memory function is also standard, so that the unit can be programmed to lift a screen, or other device, to the same position each time. Three different sized models provide a range of maximum heights.

The cost-effective Fenice range ensure safe and flexible height variations as well as other automated adjustments, for all types of flat screens, working surfaces and AV devices. Flexibility, sturdiness and ease of operation make the Fenice an optimum choice for professionals and DIY-ers alike.

Unlike some actuators on the market, the Fenice is silent and uses a patented double worm drive, not an unreliable scissor action or pulley system.  With all the clever cabinetry on the market, a host of interesting applications can be devised to house this super slim accessory.

The range is internationally certified, highly durable, exceptionally well engineered and aggressively competitive in price and warranted for 36 months. Not surprisingly, the Fenice products out-perform and out-price many other automation systems on the market.           

“This robotic system is cutting edge technology, commented Skunkworks President, Lou Schillaci. “It is equally versatile in domestic and commercial applications, where precision and aesthetics are of paramount importance.”

The Skunkworks motto is “why pay more for the things you can’t see” and accordingly it provides a range of mounting solutions that are top quality and affordable. The Fenice is a typical example of a perfect “unseen” solution that showcases the screen whilst hiding the mechanism that makes it so practical.

Prices for the Fenice robotic actuator kit start at $899. The Fenice range is available from Arrowmounts (at Bundlecity) in Los Angeles.

904 E. 11th Street, Unit D
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Tel: (888) 488-BNDL (888-488-2635)   
Tel: (213) 488-1200

Technical information:

  * Three models with different max heights available – 48”, 58”, 67”
  * Load rating: 175lbs
  * 1.5” per second lifting speed
  * Infra-red remote control with memory functions
  * Microprocessor control box
  * 36 Months warranty
  * CE and UL certification; ROHS compliance

Visit the Fenice™ page on the Skunkworks website for further information:

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