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Q. Should I Buy a DLP or LCD TV?
Scott Varn helps a reader decide between a DLP and LCD TV.
March 13, 2009 by Scott Varn

Q. Is DLP picture quality the same as LCD? Or is there a substantial difference between the two? I am looking at Mitsubishi’s 73 inch DLP. - Robert

A. It is not as simple as saying one technology is better than another. When LCD was young and DLP more mature, DLP would win hands down. DLP inherently has a very smooth, pixel free image. However, now that the LCD technology has matured, there are many LCD displays that are just as good. But you will not find an LCD size comparable to that 73-inch Mitsubishi. A 52-inch LCD is typically more expensive than a DLP.

I am assuming the 73 inch Mitsubishi is a rear projection TV. Rear projection sets have their own set of issues. They have come a long way, but some still have viewing angle problems - the image dims when you are not directly in front of the set. Since picture quality between DLPs will vary, I advise you to see it in person to judge. Unless you have seen one in person, never buy a rear projection via the Internet. They are big, bulky and not always returnable.

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Scott has been in the technology industries for over 20 years. But his experience as an artist is what led him to create an award winning business that combines engineering and aesthetics for home theater design.

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