Shopping for an Energy-Saving TV?
Mitsubishi, LG star on’s lists of energy-efficient TVs.
The DLP-based Mitsubishi L75-A94 uses only 85 watts.
December 06, 2011 by Steven Castle

Shopping for a nice, new HDTV this holiday season? There are a lot of really good HDTVs with hosts of features—that are also energy-efficient. In fact, lists of the most efficient small, medium and large TVs for you to choose from.

TopTen rates efficiency on the square inches of screen size per watt of power, so the TV that can illuminate the largest screen area for the smallest amount of power consumed is considered the most efficient. TVs listed by TopTen also must use less than 90 watts of power when in an active “on” state and less than 1 watt when in standby or sleep mode.

Topping the list for large televisions (46 inches and larger screen size) is the Mitsubishi L75-A94, a 75-inch DLP TV using Mitsubishi’s LaserVue technology to deliver 1080p resolution and a 28.5 square inch/watt rating. Its 156 kilowatt hours of annual energy use (85 watts when on) is estimated to save $36 to $81 in energy, versus an average Energy Star-rated TV, over its lifetime.

Sharp, LG, and Samsung also placed several 46- to 60-inch flat-panel LCDs in the top tier of efficient large TVs, with prices as low as $1,000.

In the medium-size TV category (32 to 46 inch screen sizes), LG’s 42-inch 42LV3500 1080p edge-lit LED LCD takes top honors with 15.7 square inches of screen per watt, annual energy use of 88.2 kWh (48 watts while on) and a lifetime savings of $67 to $150 versus an average Energy Star-rated TV.

Several TVs in this category, populated by Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Vizio, are LED-backlit LCDs, which provide better efficiency than traditional CCFL (fluorescent) back lighting.

In small televisions (16 to 32 inches), ViewSonic’s 16-inch 720p LCD earns the top spot with 15.1 square inches of screen size per watt and annual energy use of 17 kWh (6.8 watts when on). In the larger of the smaller TVs, Samsung’s 32D4000ND 32-inch 720p LED edge-lit LCD scored highest with a 14.4 square-inch/watt rating and 55 annual kWh (30 watts when on).

Hitachi, Vizio, Insignia, Panasonic, JVC, LG and Haier models round out the top ten.

TopTen also advices shoppers to look for energy-saving features such as automatic brightness control, auto power down or motion sensing technology to power down a TV when no one is watching and eco modes that promote power savings.

Also remember to put a TV in a “Home” or energy-saving viewing mode like “Movie”—you may be prompted to do this when you first turn it on—rather than using the bright mode that many TVs come shipped in for retail store display. This will save you considerable energy and money.


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Steven Castle - Contributing Writer
Steven Castle is Electronic House's managing editor. he has been writing about consumer electronics, homes and energy efficiency topics for two decades. He is also the co-founder of GreenTech Advocates.

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