Serenity and Sophistication Blend in this High Tech Home
Electronics and the great outdoors work together to create an ultra-relaxing home environment.
January 28, 2013 by Lisa Montgomery

Always Prepared

The Crestron Pro2 also assists the home’s security system. From any touchpanel, the system can be monitored, armed and disarmed. Whenever a car approaches the property, the Crestron touchpanels emit a chime and display real-time video captured by six strategically placed, weatherproof Speco Surveillance cameras. A sensor buried alongside the driveway triggers the notification procedure. Peering at any touchpanel screen, the owners can determine who’s there, and prepare the house accordingly. For example, they might summon songs from the XM Radio receiver to play over the living room speakers. If more guests are expected, they might cue the tunes to play in all 43 listening zones on the property. Or, if there’s a big game or a movie night on the social calendar, they can prep the lower level’s dedicated theater as quickly as tapping a kaleidescape icon on a touchpanel that’s been mounted on the armrest of one of the Fortress Seating chairs. This command, as governed by the Crestron processor, kick starts a slew of equipment, including a Sony video projector, Denon audio/video receiver and Triad amplifiers. It also draws open a pair of motorized drapes to reveal a 100-inch Stewart Filmscreen screen and dims the lights.

There’s no shortage of entertainment options in this home theater. The Kaleidescape media server holds 150 DVDs, or the owners can choose from something that’s been recorded on either his or her digital satellite receiver. A Sony Blu-ray player is also available to play a new release that a friend may have brought along. The same Crestron touchpanel that is used to prepare the theater presents all of the movie choices on either its own built-in screen or the owners can pull the information up onto the big 100-incher so that the entire crowd can help choose a flick. Although the theater is the best place for viewing, a Crestron video distribution system can transmit audio and video from any component in the equipment rack to any big-screen TV and speakers in the house, as well as to the TVs and speakers in the pool house and billiards barn.

Button Up for Bedtime

After the last guest has departed, it takes mere seconds for the owners to shut down the house for the night. Any light, any speaker and any TV that’s been left on is immediately put to bed when they press the goodnight button on a keypad in their master suite. Even the driveway sensors are smart enough -thanks to their tie to the Crestron system- to know that it’s time to be quiet. David Vincent Design set up the system so that only an arriving car will trigger an announcement. A second sensor that’s buried closer to the house overrides the first sensor so that the system remains silent when guests depart.


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Lisa Montgomery - Contributing Writer
Lisa Montgomery has been writing about home technology for 15 years, with a focus on the impact of electronics on a modern lifestyle.


Automation and Control: Crestron
Audio and Video Distribution: Crestron
Lighting: Lutron
Surveillance: Speco
Speakers: Leon, SpeakerCraft, Sunfire,
Triad, TruAudio
Video Projector: Sony
Displays: Stewart Filmscreen
Theater Seating: Fortress
A/V Components: Denon, Kaleidescape,
Panasonic, Pioneer, Sharp, Sony
Sensors: Sure Action, Optex, Visonic
Wireless Network: NetGear

Systems Design & Installation

David Vincent Design
Carmel, Calif.

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