SE2 Labs Demos ITC One Home Theater System
Now shipping and priced at $25K, the ITC One combines high-end components with user-friendly features.
SE2 Labs demoed this ITC One unit in New York City earlier this week.
August 08, 2008 by Rebecca Day

Power-saving features are part of the package, too. The system itself draws 600 watts when running in theater mode. Standby mode is 90 watts. Pyle says a comparable system of stacked components each with their own power supply would demand twice the power. If you’re worried about depending on one power source for the whole shebang, Pyle says it’s not likely that any condition can take down the medical-grade power supply.

If you switch to stereo mode, surround-sound amps power off automatically to conserve power. A main on/off switch on the front panel allows you to easily power down the entire system when you go out of town. The system’s computer-controlled fans only kick in when they have to, also reducing the energy draw. “The fans go as fast as they need to to get to the optimum temperature and then they stabilize,” Pyle says. “Most systems move tons of air through a component when they don’t need to. Our fans barely move until they hit 110 degrees,” he said. “We like to keep the temperature at under 120 but above 100 because things work better up there.”

SE2 has distribution deals with Snell Acoustics for speakers and Runco/Vidikron for video displays. You don’t have to go with those options but dealers can offer a complete package with products from those two suppliers.

You can’t exactly test drive an ITC One before buying but you at least can configure your own at the SE2 website ( Plug in your components at the Build It section and you’ll be directed to a dealer in your area.

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