Screen Excellence Unveils Enlightor 4K Fabric
Screen Excellence has introduced the first acoustically transparent screen fabric designed for super-high-res 4K digital cinema.
enlightor 4k
Screen Excellence’s Enlightor 4K, in the upper right, handles the super small 4K pixel structure
February 06, 2009 by Arlen Schweiger

If you’ve got one of those money-is-no-boundary home theaters and the thought’s crossed your mind to include super-powerful 4K digital projection, Screen Excellence has you covered on the screen side.

The company has added Enlightor 4K (EN4K) to its line of acoustically transparent screen materials, and of course, you can also use it to make those measly 1080p projectors as snappy as can be too—you know, in case you don’t have that six-figure 4K projector in your theater just yet.

The big thing with EN4K is that it’s the first acoustically transparent fabric out there for 4K, so you get to combine the most realistic and detail-rich video with incredibly accurate audio because you can place the speakers behind the screen—and sound effects and dialogue come right at you from where the director envisioned and the actors actually are onscreen.

EN4K is a matte white, woven fabric that can be used on all of Screen Excellence’s Reference fixed frames, Craftsman fixed, TAM CinemaScope fixed frame masking screens, and the VistaCurve fixed curved screen. You’re talking even truer cinema replication when you go with one of the 2.37:1 super-wide aspect ratio screens (including the TAM that can mask down from 2.37:1 to 4:3).

Pricing for the EN4K fabric screen starts at $840 for 70-inch wide viewable Craftsman 16:9 screen, and $2,615 for Reference velour-covered 70-inch wide viewable screens (distributed in North America by the StJohn Group). The company can go up to 210 inches wide in 16:9 (1.78:1) and 250 inches wide in 2.37:1 with immediate delivery.

Both videophiles and audiophiles will be happy with the incredibly smooth surface and zero moire effect on the images, and lack of high frequency roll-off and re-equalization needed on the audio response. Now we just need more 4K content and we’ll be all set.

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